Top Videos Mas Vistos De Youtube

Being popular is about ns only thing ns most regarded YouTube videos have in common con their top-performing predecessors. Even though YouTube vídeos like blanco Bit mine Finger or chocolate Rain went famous during ns first few la edad of YouTube’s content, they probably wouldn’t it is in among los kinds of videos that walk viral now.

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In fact, children’s programming y music videos are now among the most viewed content on YouTube. Musical videos, in particular, have actually enjoyed an excellent success on the streaming site and, till recently, had been the majority of los most viewed vídeos in YouTube’s history. Musical videos quiet account for half of the top 10 most viewed videos, however. If these view counts are anything to go by, ns video-sharing site can be considered ns leading communication for musical videos y kid-friendly content quite than just the meme-worthy famous videos los site was recognized for in its at an early stage days.

What is los most-viewed YouTube video of every time?

Baby Shark is the most viewed videos ever ~ above YouTube. The children’s track overtook the all-Spanish variation of Despacito in November 2020.

What are ns top diez most regarded YouTube videos?

Pinkfong – infant Shark run (8.86 billion views)Luis Fonsi – Despacito featuring dad Yankee (7.42 exchange rate views)LooLoo children – Johny Johny Yes padre (5.50 exchange rate views)Ed Sheeran – form of girlfriend (5.36 exchange rate views)Wiz Khalifa – check out You Again featuring charlie Puth (5.15 exchange rate views)Masha y the sufrir – cooking recipes for catastrophe (4.44 exchange rate views)Mark Ronson – Uptown miedoso featuring Bruno Mars (4.21 billion views)Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes – Bath track (4.21 exchange rate views)Miroshka t.v. – discovering Colors Multi-Colored eggs on ns Farm (4.19 exchange rate views)Psy – Gangnam format (4.10 billion views)

10. Psy — Gangnam style (4.10 billion views)

A true symbol in YouTube’s video history, Psy’s Gangnam Style was a monster hit, becoming ns very an initial YouTube video viewed much more than ns billion times. Even more, it got to that anotado in less than 6 months after its release — desde July come December 2012 — which to be an amazing accomplishment for that is time. It went on to become the first videolapes to reach 2 billion see in May 2014 and didn’t see a close competitor until 2015.

Given that much more than 100 videos on YouTube have the right to boast a billion see or more, Gangnam Style stays one of ns most watched vídeos of every time. That beats the much younger vain to maintain its top-10 spot nine years delaware its explosive debut.

9. Miroshka t.v. — finding out Colors Multi-Colored eggs on ns Farm (4.19 billion views)

Educational vídeos being among los most viewed content top top YouTube isn’t how amazing if friend think of it favor this: If children are going to it is in staring at screens for ns decent part of ns day, it renders sense that los programming of choice among parents would certainly be totally free to accessibility and, much better yet, educational. Miroshka TV’s Learning color Multi-Colored eggs on ns Farm is no exception. It’s an educational videolapes for youngsters that has currently racked up over cuatro billion views in the three years since that was an initial uploaded.

It’s ns fun, five-minute videos that teaches young niños about various colors vía (crudely) animated egg on ns farm. Ns video itself is narrated in Russian y teaches children the nombre of different colors in Russian. Ns only components of the video the aren’t in Russian are the musical (which is Old mcdonald s Had ns Farm in English) y any subtitles that appear (if you have them turn on). Ns video has ns slow pace — some scenes are uno bit long — but the funny, stunner moments will certainly appeal come younger audiences.

8. Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes — Bath song (4.21 exchange rate views)

Slowly yet surely, educational vídeos for children are taking gastos generales the top diez most viewed YouTube videos of every time. In fact, Cocomelon’s Bath Song is currently No. Ocho on ours list, knocking Gangnam Style trasero to the No. Diez spot– i beg your pardon is weird once you think around it. It’s simply a simple song around bath time that’s much less than tres minutes long and has ns Baby Shark Dance-esque chorus. And yet, it regulated to snag its spot on this list desde an internationally well known singer.

7. Mark Ronson — Uptown funk featuring Bruno Mars (4.21 exchange rate views)

Even though it’s larger than the top tres videos ~ above this list, Uptown Funk continues to gather nuevo viewers come remain ns potential chart-topping threat. Ronson’s video made the YouTube debut in November dos mil catorce and swiftly ended up being one of los most ancha and well-liked vídeos ever.

Arguably just as impressive as its watch count is that it ganar such stubborn competition from its contemporaries. Big musical videos desde other major artists, favor Katy Perry, witnessed their big 2014 hits attain billions the views. Uptown Funk still manages to eclipse those achievements.

6. Masha and the bear — recipe for disaster (4.44 exchange rate views)

Recipe because that Disaster is one of numerous episodes desde the Russian CGI-animated TV dando for kids Masha y the Bear. It’s los only videolapes on this list the isn’t uno song (or attributes one tune heavily) and only one of four that isn’t entirely in English. The admitir is widely ancha outside its home country, y many episodes have vast view counts ~ above YouTube. It’s also on Netflix in a collective illustration format.

The Recipe because that Disaster episode is of privado interest due to its expensive view count. It’s in a hallowed club of simply ten videos that topped 4 billion.

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Get Movies, ns channel the uploaded Recipe for Disaster, earned loads of viewers just representar this one details episode.

5. Wiz Khalifa — watch You Again featuring charlie Puth (5.15 billion views)

Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s See you Again is the first videolapes on this list to have un movie tie-in — Furious 7 — to aid its promotion. That has controlled over cinco billion views due to the fact that its April dos mil quince debut and serves as un tribute to pablo Walker, ns former star of The rápido Saga, who passed away in 2013.

Between July 10 and august 4, 2017, ns video remained the most viewed vídeo on YouTube, dethroning Gangnam Style. That reign was only temporary, as it was later eclipsados by Despacito. It to be also ns most liked vídeo between august 26, 2016, y July 25, 2017.

See you Again became ns second video to aprobar the 2 billion watch mark y is one of only ten videos viewed more than 4 billion times.

4. Ed Sheeran — shape of friend (5.36 exchange rate views)

Whether you watched it or not, there’s no denying that Shape that You is one of the most watched vídeos of all time. The holds documents as ns third-fastest video to reach ns billion views and is los second-fastest come reach dos billion and tres billion views together well.

Shape that You completed all the its check out count accolades in just dos years, having debuted in January 2017.

3. LooLoo children — Johny Johny Yes papa (5.50 exchange rate views)

Another videos for children that made it into los top 10 most viewed YouTube videos is Johny Johny correctly Papa. It’s un short, animated music video about ns mischievous baby and his Papa. It’s a sencillo song about ns baby trying to eat some sugar (literal calle cubes) even though his papa obviously doesn’t approve. Does los kid get the sugar? You’ll have actually to mirar to discover out. The song chin isn’t annoying, one of two people — it’s virtually too simple and short come be un nuisance. That’s un good thing, considering it’s to be viewed/listened to an ext than 5 billion times.

2. Luis Fonsi — Despacito featuring dad Yankee (7.42 exchange rate views)

Featuring Puerto Rican artists nombre de niño Fonsi y Daddy Yankee, Despacito hit YouTube in January 2017 and racked up an ext than uno billion views in just 97 days — los second-fastest correr ever. Los video go on to become the fastest come garner 2 billion views and the first-ever videos to exceed cuatro billion, 5 billion, seis billion, y now 7 billion views.

1. Pinkfong — baby Shark run (8.86 billion views)

Sometimes un song becomes renowned solely because it’s an earworm. We’ve seen it happen con Barney in the early days, for this reason it’s alguna surprise it happened again con an insanely catchy kid’s song about un shark family.

Baby Shark Dance, created by Korean pop manufacturer Pinkfong, isn’t uno complicated song. It has actually sharks, repetition, y a considerable amount of gift dread — that’s around it. However, this song rose to become los number one video on this list and has inspired plenty of variations found throughout YouTube.

Let’s it is in honest: Baby Shark Dance‘s success isn’t yes, really all the surprising. If bringing increase Baby Shark and playing it 12 times in un row is the only way to calm your toddler down, every parent con access to the internet is going come do exactly that. Mean Baby Shark‘s power as the most viewed video to continue.

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