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Born into ns small town managed by ns mafia, an irate young woman seeks revenge on the efectivo that tore apart and wrongfully imprisoned she family.

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Hilda Santana visits she child’s acercan and receives some terrible news. When she gives birth to a girl, she calls her by her eldest daughter’s name.


Catalina breaks her family’s rules and crosses the line her mother spoke around so often. Martina needs to convince Catalina to operate on her breasts.


Daniela y Diabla get their way y Catalina’s family y boyfriend room arrested. One emissary steals critical document representar the Santanas.


Catalina’s punishments at los correctional facility push her to the limit. Daniela asks to have actually Nachito freed and they hire him together her bodyguard.

Catalina escapes desde the centro de salud but her freedom is short-lived. Diabla knows that ns marriage certificate gives Hilda best to Marcial's fortune.

Tired of gift abused in the jail, Catalina is propelled to she limit y tries to protect herself. Dr. Rico loses his project for helping her.

Nachito signs los documents without discovering what castle mean. Albeiro admits his guilt. A journalist investigates the case y accuses the mayor’s wife.

Diabla gets ns Marín Santanas and Nachito fuera of prison before ns journalists and authorities show up. Then, she hires un hacker.

The guards do Catalina sign ns document speak she wasn’t physically or psychologically abused. She vows she’ll acquire revenge on Diabla and her goons.

La Diabla and Colonel Herrera discuss ns Cerón case. Catalina’s thirst for vengeance leads her to ns bad decision.

Two options to make dirty money tempt Catalina. Ns journalist visits Catalina’s parents and they leave him on los street. His life is at risk.

Catalina confronts she parents, blames them for locking she up every those years y demands the they tell her the truth around her past.

Nachito begs Daniela not to kill him. Octavio should get ns Santanas to market him ns house. They accuse los journalist of drug trafficking.

Nachito is intimidated by Daniela and has to expropriate Diabla’s requests in stimulate to safeguard his mother. Martina sells Catalina’s “services” come Octavio.

Nachito gives in to Diabla’s request in stimulate to defend his mother. Jotica gets the Santanas’s house back. Hilda holds ns key to she fortune.

Nachito will have actually to pass Diabla’s test to complimentary himself from her punishments. Herrera rebels, y Diabla blackmails him.

Daniela’s obsession con Nachito provides her disobey she mother. Gato Gordo and Octavio complete for Catalina. Herrera interviews los mayor.

Catalina accepts Gato Gordo’s gift yet lies to her parents. The mayor y his wife argue about Catalina’s threat. Diabla provides her power known.

Albeiro walk to ns meeting thinking that it’s only with Jotica but there’s a surprise in keep for him. Martina provides Catalina a juicy advance.

Albeiro go to los meeting and finds Jotica with a catheter. Gato grasa asks Diabla to use her route.

Diabla efectivo Nachito to death Colonel Herrera. Marcial promises the Santanas that once he is cost-free he’ll provide them Catalina ns elder’s money.

Pipe confesses that he was recruited choose Nachito y promises to assist him. Killing ns colonel is Nachito’s acid examen to save his mother.

Octavio watch specters y thinks the it’s Catalina the elder. Daniel, Cata y Lucía monitor Daniela to check out if she’ll lead them to Diabla y Nachito.

Catalina goes right into Diabla’s ranch to uncover Nachito. Daniela asks her mother to free ns love of her life. Aníbal finds el fin what his wife did.

Diabla must accept her daugther’s relationship with Nachito. Marcial desires to cost-free Aurelio Jaramillo, imprisoned in ns USA, to death his worst enemy.

Catalina finds out the difficult truth around her sister y father. Pelambre asks because that forgiveness. Catalina will surrender to Gato obesa on dos conditions.

Catalina looks because that Pelambre whereby her sisters died. The still desires to kill Diabla yet doesn’t have the power or males to perform it.

Daniela undresses in prior of Nachito. Diabla assignment Franklin to torture Lucía. Martina takes a picture that Daniela con Nachito.

Martina provides Catalina one more day to complete Gato exceso de peso off. Daniel is worried that Lucía’s life is at stake. Marcial knows where she is.

The hora has come for Pelambre come avenge Catalina ns elder. The más alto is furious with his wife. Diabla keeps Daniela locked up.

Pelambre is carried el fin of Diabla’s casa on uno stretcher. Daniela provokes Catalina and gives Nachito a new order.

Diabla thinks the Catalina ns elder is tho alive. The más alto says that ns assassin survived six shots. Martina goes delaware Catalina.

Gato exceso de peso kidnaps Catalina to operate on her breasts. Marcial desires to off Diabla. Daniela access time her mommy in ns hospital and gets some advice.

Daniela keeps make the efforts to make Nachito fall in love with her. Later, she goes crazy trying come find fuera where she is y who walk away her.

Diabla y Albeiro threaten each other about their daughters. Daniela and Marcial talk about los past. Catalina is shocked by she transformation.

Catalina is thirsting because that revenge. Diabla tortures and pressures Pipe because that letting them kidnap her daughter. Daniela finds fuera de about her mother’s past.

Diabla gets furious y argues with Aníbal about the lawsuit. The más alto has good lawyers yet she has uno better idea. Daniela grows closer come Marcial.

Marcial celebrates Titi’s arrival y thanks him because that his help. As un father, the spoils his daughter and hugs her for los first time.

Catalina to plan to take it revenge top top Diabla. Albeiro and his wife would offer up their inheritance to gain their daughter back.

Diabla is obsessed with the opinión that Catalina the elder is alive. In order come rescue she daughter, she agrees on ns 48-hour duration with ns police.

Catalina takes benefit of ns opportunity to ask her medical professional to avoid calling she parents. Marcial visits Pelambre and they have an emotionally goodbye.

Catalina’s parents space desperate and Diabla threatens them. They press Catalina’s physician to relax her. Gato gordo is losing his patience.

Diabla and Octavio Rangel make uno pact. She knows that ns TEA agents space tailing her y panics. Daniel looks because that Aurora, ns journalist’s mother.

The plastic surgeon has actually an opinión for Catalina. Jota follows Vanessa y discovers her stark reality. Diabla presses Nachito to find out about Daniela.

Jota and Vanessa desire to escape the brothel yet they can’t do it alone. With Albeiro’s help they will shot to outsmart a human trafficking network.

Gato grasa plans uno welcome party because that the nuevo Catalina also though she hurt by what lock did come her. Catalina and the medical professional have ns heart come heart.

Before sleeping with him, Catalina asks Gato grasa for twice ns amount they had actually agreed upon. Meanwhile, Diabla's men prepare to attack the mansion.

The strike on Gato Gordo’s mansion functions in Catalina’s favor. Ns masked Nachito sees los love of his life y thinks the she slept with Gato Gordo.

Pipe can’t bear to see Nachito therefore excited around saving his mother y tells him ns truth. Catalina tells she friends y Jota what happened.

Catalina and her friends follow the clues desde Octavio’s letter. Daniela asks to say goodbye to she mother and warns her that they desire to kill her.

Daniela renders a horrible decision to distract she father. Catalina and her girlfriend follow ns clues her older sisters left about the money.

Marcial and his equipped men assault Diabla’s mansion. Catalina y her friends nothing find the loot she sister left. Octavio sets up uno date con Diabla.

Diabla concocts her next plan. Daniela escapes from the hospital and meets up con her mother. Titi takes los blame for not killing Diabla.

Catalina finds she sister’s money and puts she revenge scheme right into action. Marcial and his males escape desde the TEA and plan los attack on Diabla.

Diabla’s plan is a success. Daniela visits she in los hospital and becomes her accomplice. Diabla manages to tonto everyone other than Marcial.

Anxious come take out her implants, Catalina visits ns doctor but an additional operation is really dangerous. Diabla confronts Octavio.

After recognize his daughter Albeiro rejects her y will hear alguno explanations. Nachito admits come Pipe the he tho loves Catalina.

Diabla place Aníbal to los test. Catalina hides 40,000 dollars in ns house and divides the rest among her friends.

Right when Nachito is prepared to obtain Catalina back, Mugroso changes ns plans. Catalina is confused, walk she shed him? did Daniela steal him away?

Someone unexpectedly interrupts ns alleged entierro of Diabla. Daniela’s males obey y beat Albeiro. Catalina meets Titi at the cemetery.

Diabla assignment her males to kill everyone that knows she’s lively or who stops her desde going home. Ns TEA grants Marcial and Titi supervised probation.

A speak to reveals an angry plan. Catalina confirms that Daniela is Diabla’s daughter. Mugroso y his accomplices stage los crime scene.

Catalina calls the neighborhood together to prevent another tragedy. Meanwhile, Albeiro recovers from his injuries. Daniela tries to seduce Nachito.

Daniela pipeline her bodyguards in ~ home, i beg your pardon draws castle closer to Diabla's fortune. Among Hilda’s ex-cellmates helps she flee and hide in uno ranch.

Nachito wins Daniela over y convinces she to aid him--she’ll be ns perfect alibi. The Maríns comienzo a new life. Mugroso continues his plans.

Diabla cries inconsolably gastos generales her mother’s death. Nachito wipes the fingerprints clean. Titi is ~ above Catalina’s trail. Pipeline has uno proposal.

Catalina’s casa explodes. Catalina learns the Pipe left files for Nachito. Albeiro walk crazy when he finds el fin his daughter has a cell phone.

When Capitan sidra de pera is pressured by Diabla to find ns Maríns’s remains, he creates false evidence. Pipe hides ns stolen money.

Valentina visits Adriana in los hospital. Albeiro and Hilda have no idea about los explosion. Diabla desires to go to she mother’s funeral.

Catalina and Valentina desire to avenge Adriana’s death. Diabla sees the Maríns alive. Nachito cautions Daniela around her stepfather’s evil intentions.

Catalina y Valentina get ns weapons and start training to carry fuera their plan. Vanessa mourns her daughter’s death. They bury Diabla’s mother.

Catalina, Nachito y Valentina threaten Daniela con death however Marcial y Capitán sidra de pera step in to avoid ns tragedy.

Catalina and Valentina take into consideration paying who to kill Daniela, back this would median spending all the money Catalina's sisters left she family.

Nachito y Catalina dream about un future together. Aníbal accuses Nachito of uno robbery. One ironic cackle transforms into uno clue.

Diabla reappears before Aníbal’s eyes and threatens him. Nachito gives los Maríns an important documents.

Martina fools herself about Titi, who boasts the is los best narco, yet his heart belongs to another woman. Nachito goes to ns ranch con Catalina.

Adriana’s interment is los perfect tiempo to attack. Diabla order her guys to remove Catalina and Hilda. Aníbal negotiates murder terms.

One the Aníbal’s bodyguards becomes uno murderer. Un massacre is about to erupt. Adriana’s finalmente goodbye has uno huge turnout. Marcial is depressed.

The Maríns y their allies satisfy to make uno decision. Catalina, Nachito and Valentina donar their weapons and desire to fight however not anyone agrees.

Diabla intimidates to death her doctor. Marcial might never andar again after his self-destruction attempt. Gato Gardo wants to take it Martina’s life.

Gato grasa takes control y puts the destinadas into action. Diabla puts a hefty sum on los heads of ns Maríns y Pipe’s mother.

Catalina and Nachito swear their eternal love. Capitan pérez suffers the consequences of offering his soul to Diabla. Catalina’s father loser his mind.

Nachito convinces Albeiro that Catalina is ns love of his life. Titi goes to the centro de salud to visit Marcial, who is in los depths the depression.

The Maríns, Jota, Vanessa y Valentina unite efectivo to open up Diabla’s grave. Daniela is taken over by jealousy and decides it’s hora for revenge.

The Maríns y their allies take uno DNA sample from one the Diabla’s victims y then make ns key decision. Titi y Gato grasa shake on a business deal.

The destinado a is clear: it will certainly have two phases. Aníbal is Diabla’s próximo victim. Martina is in love with ns trafficker and her mother provides her part advice.

Marcial gives los TEA agents the information they have to find and capture Diabla. This is ns only way ns first step of the destinadas will work.

Hilda y Albeiro give the TEA agents information about Diabla. Meanwhile, she sends out her males to ns ranch to complete off Catalina and her family.

Hilda and Albeiro regresar to the ranch and Albeiro deals with Diabla’s men. Catalina swears she won’t injury Diabla and Daniela in exchange because that Nachito.

Diabla and her daughter walk to ns ranch to look for the money and then on slide away. However, fate has uno surprise in save for them.

Someone wronged by Diabla both in the past y present return to acquire justice, but additionally stirs up old feelings that develop tensions among the Santanas.

Everyone think Catalina la grande is dead but she is alive and well. She made a deal with ns TEA y now has a new life in los United States.

Catalina, now virginia Fernández, starts her life in los U.S. Albeiro professes his eternal love come her prior to her “grave.”

Martín offers nombre de niña employment together an undercover TEA agent. Soraya tries to seduce Santiago with deceit.

Virginia return to columbia to ask her past y give Jota instructions. Yésica goes come Mexico come make ns deal. Virginia is given ns promotion.

20 años go by. Yésica is ns powerful drug trafficker. As soon as she finds fuera that la Diabla isn’t dead, nombre de niña goes to columbia to confront her enemy.

Virginia exposes la Diabla with uno DNA test and escorts her to un prison in ns U.S. Los Maríns invest their very first night in la Diabla’s mansion.

Virginia is bonus for recording la Diabla however first, she, Marcial, Hilda, y Albeiro will certainly all have to testify.

El Titi suggests that he, Daniela, y Gato grasa all occupational together together partners. Daniela agrees to run la Diabla’s paths if los Titi death Catalina.

Martín desires Catalina to walk to columbia undercover y trap ns Titi. Daniela and Aníbal sell to team up with el Titi y Gato Gordo.

Hilda y Albeiro need to testify versus la Diabla. Yésica plans her escape desde prison. Nombre de niña informs her niños that they will certainly go to Colombia.

Virginia provides Yésica a reduced penalty if she pleads guilty however she has dos key witnesses that could bring her down.

Yésica records los conversation she has with ns prison director. Daniela accuses hernán Darío of thefts money representar the safe.

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Catalina la minúsculas submits to Daniela. Martin tells virginia to seduce ns Titi and trap him. La Diabla teams up with Mayra.

Santiago asks nombre de niña to quit los TEA so that they both have the right to spend more hora with their children. Yésica blackmails los director y plans come escape.

Catalina la Pequeña and Hernán Darío make love. Yésica meets her nuevo lawyer. Los prison director is required to consent come la Diabla’s conditions.

Yésica hasn't made un decision around Virginia's proposal. La Diabla endangers her. Marcial gets un feeling the Titi is walk to death him.

Hilda and Albeiro uncover Catalina la Grande's disgustado empty. Yésica finds fuera de the details for she escape y Titi make the efforts to death Marcial.

Hilda y Albeiro are excited to obtain to Miami. Nombre de niña is tormented after seeing her mother and her very first love yet Albeiro finds her.

La Diabla's escape destinadas takes shape in jail. Nombre de niña is flustered delaware seeing her mother y Albeiro. Hilda requirements to know what Albeiro is hiding.

Martín to adjust up a meeting between Virginia y Albeiro in one office at los courthouse. Castle intercept los van transporting la Diabla and three inmates.

Albeiro tells Hilda that he was with Catalina la tamaño and the she never ever died however Hilda doesn't think him.

Albeiro y Santiago meet. Chuky bring away photos of Daniela y her step-father kissing y taking each other's apparel off. La Diabla problems everyone.

Albeiro speak Catalina la minúscula her mother is in a coma delaware making sure that she is alive. La Diabla renders it to Mexico for a meeting con Chalo.

Santiago tells Catalina la amplio and Albeiro the Hilda will recover however when she wakes up, she'll have amnesia and have to empezar all over again.

Hilda doesn't recognize Albeiro and attacks him with scissors. Yésica visits her sister in Venezuela. Titi orders his males to scare Catalina.

Hilda is released y everyone travels to Colombia. Titi's males go to the hospital to death Catalina la Pequeña. Yésica steals she sister's passport.

Mariana hides some canabis in Albeiro's belongings. Titi's hitmen kill a patient by accident y Catalina la minúscula is quiet alive.

Marcial finds fuera de that Titi was behind the centro de salud attack. Catalina and her family members make it to Colombia. La Diabla i do not care Amparo come cross los border.

While Albeiro and Hernán Darío take Hilda to los hospital, Titi's hitmen take advantage of los opportunity come attack ns house.

Marcial y Catalina la grande are reunited after veinte years and he apologizes to her. Catalina la diminuto feels guilty because that murdering dos men.

Marcial speak Titi that he's prepared to die. Catalina la grande and Santiago invite Albeiro and Hernán Darío to spend the night at your house.

La Diabla renders it come Pereira. Everyone realizes the Marcial has actually died y that Titi is behind it. Catalina la estupendo remembers her tiempo with Marcial.

Las Diablas with the nuevo ranch and plan to develop an emergency tunnel. Hilda recovers part of her memory but she is referred to a psychiatrist.

Chuky quemar the money that Daniela hid. The Captain is walk to cuadro Chuky because that Marcial's death. La Diabla remains on los street.

The police arrest Albeiro and Jota for burning abajo Las Diablas' house. Yésica is furioso when Daniela admits that she slept con Titi.

Mariana it s okay naked in front of hirna Darío. Catalina la grande sees lock together and Mariana cuts her veins. Hilda is taken to ns psychiatric ward.

Martín tells nombre de niña how to acquire to Titi and Gato Gordo: by moving to their viejo neighborhood. Ns agent traps Martina and wants her to be uno TEA spy.

Hilda digs up ns past y throws the in Virginia's confront in front of Santiago. Mayra and Flavia join los Diablas to set up ns new cartel in Mexico City.

Gato Gordo and Titi película their meeting with their partners. Daniela argues that Titi death Gato Gordo. Nacho is disappointed by Catalina la Pequeña.

Calvo y his men strike Gato Gordo's ranch but he manages to escape con Titi. Ns Diablas y Flavia prepare Mayra to become the cocaine queen.

Albeiro y Jota get fuera de of jail. Gato obesa wants come make uno claim about los attack on his ranch. Chuky organizes ns vigil because that Marcial.

Titi suspects the Daniela gave ns order to death him for this reason he confronts her but she denies it. Yésica transforms her plan: she'll have to do it herself.

Virginia start acting together an undercover certified dealer in former of Paola and Martina. Gato obesa gets shoot in a fight.

Titi is excited to hear Catalina la Grande's voice y wants to see her. She shows up in ns neighborhood y sees her old friends.

Catalina la pequeña hears her sister yelling at her daughter and finds fuera what occurred with hirna Darío. Titi desires of being number one.

A upper heart Catalina la minúsculas confronts hirna Darío around his betrayal. La Diabla and Chalo destinadas to eliminate Gato Gordo and Titi in Mexico.

Virginia plays los role that Catalina Santana on her date with Titi. That is thrilled y invites she to Mexico. Martín organizes an operation.

Virginia y Titi get to Chalo's ranch in Mexico but ns TEA is on your tail. Ns Diablas' hitmen kidnap Hilda in ~ Marcial's burial.

Titi shooting Chalo and gunfire commences. Catalina la amplio joins in and Titi is surprised that she have the right to use un gun. The TEA reflects up at ns ranch

Virginia pretends to be sick and Titi goes out to obtain her medicine. She uses ns opportunity to give martin their location.

Titi manages come flee ns TEA. Virginia asks martín to arrest her so the Titi isn't suspicious and he agrees so that she won't go trasero to Colombia.

Martín secretly takes nombre de niña to un rented house. Aníbal acquire to Daniela's "aunt's" house. She seduces him y Yésica reflects up come torture him.

Virginia thinks that nombre de niño is help her yet he has various intentions. Mariana manipulates Catalina la Pequeña.

Martín holds nombre de niña against she will y declares his love for her. La Diabla it s okay revenge and Titi looks for Chalo's competition.

La Diabla demands that Calvo seduce Hilda. Gato gordo is at death's door however he has actually two final requests: one has to do with uno crime.

Catalina tries come trick nombre de niño so that she can escape. Los policeman is clever y she swears her revenge. Santiago find Martín.

Albeiro goes come Yésica's ranch to negotiate Hilda's freedom. Mayra pretends to be a narco by adhering to La Diabla's instructions.

Albeiro insists top top negotiating Hilda's freedom. Mariana goes to un drunk Nacho's house. She pretends to it is in Catalina la diminuto to confuse him.

Mariana plays con Catalina la Pequeña's excitement. Catalina la tamaño finds el fin that Hilda has been kidnapped. Ns past surprises Santiago.

Albeiro sends un drone to discover Hilda. Daniela and La Diabla walk to Aníbal's funeral. Yésica speak to ns governor. Titi phone call Martina about business.

Hilda hides from Calvo y La Diabla realizes that they're no there. Daniela glimpses a drone and warns her mom that she might be recognized.

Catalina la grande tries to uncover Santiago and his kids however he makes an irreversible decision and leaves un letter. Nachito wants to rescue his love.

Martina make the efforts to kill Titi for all the humiliation he caused her. Catalina la diminuto is suspicious of Mariana y talks to hernán Darío.

Catalina la amplio and co. Obtain ready come confront las Diablas. Mariana and Sebastián leave due to the fact that of your parents. Nacho make the efforts to clean his name.

Catalina la tamaño shows up heavily armed at las Diablas' ranch y sparks a massacre. Hilda refuses to go con her family y everyone is shocked.

La Diabla take away Hilda come her new hiding place. A más rápido Catalina la minúsculas strangles Daniela. Catalina la tamaño can't find her children.

Daniela escapes. Catalina la amplio is alone y suffering delaware her children y husband give up her. Hilda considers teaming up with Yésica.

Albeiro y Yésica collection up uno meeting come exchange hostages. Catalina la amplio meets the new TEA boss. The nuevo neighborhood pimp, Dayana, meets Titi.

Yésica coordinates the meeting with Albeiro for ns exchange. Ns neighborhood pimp goes delaware Mariana and is surprised to see Catalina.

Catalina la estupendo and she boss collection up uno secure area for ns exchange. Dayana is prepared to empezar recruiting her próximo victim: Mariana.

Gunfire beginning at ns exchange and Albeiro and Jota space trapped. Dayana offers Mariana uno hallucinogenic and she take away it, unaware of los consequences.

Mariana is out of her mind early to ns drugs and alcohol. She hallucinates that Titi is hernán Darío and asks him to impregnate her.

Mariana is repulsed after unabashedly sleeping con Titi. Yésica coerces Albeiro into her bed and takes picture to admitir Hilda.

Catalina la tamaño tells Mariana the she can get cannabis​ under tres conditions. Hilda sends Albeiro uno video message.

Yésica fantasizes around having a family with Albeiro. Catalina la estupendo is to plan to track Daniela so she can discover La Diabla.

Catalina la minúsculas puts a tracker top top Daniela y lets her walk free. Los TEA and the police take it action. Gatillo betrays las Diablas.

Mariana is ready to go to extremes to get Hernán. At Titi's request, Dayana convinces Mariana come visit him again.

Titi organizes Mariana's large birthday party. Catalina la tamaño gives she daughter marijuana. Santiago tries to forget Catalina.

Las Diablas walk to see los witch Abigail and Daniela asks her for part help. Catalina la minúsculas walks in on hirna Darío y Dayana together.

La Diabla freezes Albeiro's semen for this reason she can have his child. Hilda call Albeiro el fin for his infidelity. Los Diablas show up in ns neighborhood.

Yésica goes to an artificialmente insemination clinic. Hilda admits her feelings because that Calvo come Albeiro. La Diabla hears desde a secret admirer.

Las Diablas do it come Chalo's ranch y he decides to provide Daniela the house. Catalina la Pequeña y Vanessa destinado a a trap. Dayana gets un beating.

Catalina la grande finds fuera de that Chalo is tho alive y that he y La Diabla want to kill her. Hilda says that she'll never get regreso with Albeiro.

Albeiro is hurt by Hilda y turns come alcohol. Chalo has a proposition because that Daniela. Anyone goes to Paola's daughter's funeral.

Yésica offers Albeiro ns concoction that the witch Abigail prepared. Mariana goes to los birthday party Titi is throwing and he offers her ns fancy gift.

Everything has ns price for los Diablas. The TEA deploys an operative to trap Yésica Beltrán. Daniel unleashes Daniela's fury.

Hours before los pageant, La Diabla tries to sway los judges' votes, unaware Catalina la grande and she TEA partners space planning to capture her.

The beauty challenge winner is crowned. Ns birth of a child threatens Catalina la Pequeña y Hernán Darío's relationship. Un vengeful martin returns.

The beauty, beauty pageant winner is crowned. An stimulate to death is issued. The TEA finds fuera that Yésica is making use of her sister's identity.

A mother refuses to think her daughter is dead y wants a different medical professional to recovery her. Mariana's daughter is born. Yésica receives ns diagnosis.

The TEA appoints Tony Campana as Catalina la Grande's bodyguard as soon as they find fuera de that Martín, the serial killer, has actually escaped desde jail.

When she wakes up, Catalina la tamaño sees a yellow rose with un note that nombre de niño left her. La Diabla parades Daniela through los neighborhood.

Catalina la amplio is ready to protect her daughter. Catalina la Mediana plans come kidnap Mariana's daughter to provide her a DNA test.

La Diabla tells un bewitched Albeiro the she froze his semen y hired un surrogate. Los tension in between Catalina la tamaño and Albeiro explodes.

The witch Abigaíl is targeted because that failing come bring a dead person's spirit trasero to life. The spell top top Albeiro is lifted.

Albeiro, aware but tied up, convinces Yésica to let him go. Hilda shares secrets con Catalina la Grande. Yamilé escapes with La Diabla's son.

Yamilé tells Catalina about ns hell she withstood while top top La Diabla's ranch. Hilda finds el fin that Albeiro has uno child con Yésica.

La Diabla stops ns Cerdo desde killing Albeiro and finds fuera de that her kid was kidnapped, so Calvo blackmails her. The authorities find un body.

Catalina plans to capture ns Titi y La Diabla. Yésica assignment Calvo to death Yamilé y bring her los child the night.

Calvo sets fuera de to prove his loyalty to La Diabla by following her orders. Catalina la grande tells Hilda that Albeiro fell prey to black magic.

El Titi surrenders in ~ Catalina's feet. La Diabla orders Calvo to death Hilda. Ns Chalo finds fuera that Albeiro is at los ranch with Daniela.

La Diabla return to ns ranch with an military to save Albeiro and her estaban from the manos of ns Chalo and get regreso her daughter, who has actually been embalmed.

La Diabla assignment photographic proof it is in taken that her latest feat, y makes a transacción with Albeiro. Catalina la grande tries to escape.

Catalina goes come live with ns Titi to trap him. Catalina la Mediana gives her boyfriend's daughter ns DNA test. La Diabla negotiates with the TEA.

While Catalina la grande distracts Cabras con an exotic dance, ns TEA carries fuera de the raid come find ns Titi. Yésica is crazy about Albeiro.

In order come jumpstart her organization again, La Diabla decides to stop los war with her enemy. Albeiro takes benefit of Yésica's lack to escape.

El Titi professes his love for Catalina. Mariana is alone with los baby y Martín comes into the mansion. La Diabla organizes a meeting con Aurelio.

Catalina takes direccion in order to rescue Mariana and her granddaughter from Martín's grip. La Diabla is anxious as soon as she doesn't hear representar Albeiro.

Catalina avoids ns shoot-out with ns TEA y escapes. She feels unsafe and flees with her family. La Diabla orders Calvo to kidnap Albeiro.

La Diabla suffers a betrayal that provides Catalina la amplio a juicy opportunity. Hilda asks Albeiro if Yésica's child is his. El Titi flees.

Catalina helps los TEA come score ns huge win, but ns later accusation made versus her transforms her feelings toward ns agency.

Desperate for info about ns Chalo, the TEA beginning into a negotiation con their prisoner, behind the Colombian government's back.

To finalize the deal with los TEA, the prisoner will should be extradited to los U.S. Dayana wants Catalina la Mediana's head and seduces Villa.

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Lucía has hell in save for her delaware she is kidnapped. Albeiro reveals who ns love that his life is. Yésica move to uno bunker.