Warning: the Xiaomi Redmi Note tres is no longer maintained.

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A construct guide is obtainable for developers the would choose to make exclusive builds, or also restart main support.

Please check out through ns instructions at least once prior to actually following them, so regarding avoid any type of problems due to any kind of missed steps!

Warning: Unlocking los bootloader will erase all datos on her device! prior to proceeding, ensure the data you would choose to retain is backed approximately your ordenador personal and/or your Google account, or equivalent. Please keep in mind that OEM backup solutions choose Samsung and Motorola back-up may not be accessible representar LineageOS once installed.

Tip: that is extremely recommended to have ns latest official MIUI weekly package installed on ns device, prior to proceeding con unlock.

Add uno phone number to her Mi account.Insert ns SIM into your phone.Enable developer choices in setups > about Phone by repetitively tapping MIUI Version.Link los device to your Mi account in settings > extr settings > Developer choices > Mi Unlock status.Run los Mi Unlock app and follow the instructions listed by the app.
Note: ns app might tell you that you need to wait increase to treinta days. If it does so, please wait the quoted lot of hora before continuing to the siguiente step.
After device y Mi account are successfully verified, the bootloader need to be unlocked.Since ns device resets completely, girlfriend will have to re-enable USB debugging come continue.

Installing uno custom recovery making use of fastboot

Connect your maker to your ordenador personal via USB.On ns computer, open up a command prompt (on Windows) or terminal (on Linux or macOS) window, y type:
You can likewise boot into fastboot mode via ns key combination:

With los device it is provided off, organize Volume down + Power. Keep sociedad anónima both buttons until ns word “FASTBOOT” appears on los screen, then release.Once los device is in fastboot mode, verify your pc finds it by typing:
Tip: Some tools have buggy USB support while in bootloader mode, if you watch fastboot hanging with alguna output when using regulates such together fastboot getvar .. , fastboot boot ..., fastboot destello ... You might want to try ns different USB port (preferably ns USB Type-A 2.0 one) or ns USB hub.
Now reboot into recovery to verify ns installation:With ns device it is provided off, host Volume increase + Power. Keep holding both buttons until los “MI” logo appears on the screen, climate release.Alternatively, on part devices and recoveries girlfriend can use fastboot come boot straight into the freshly flashed or any other preferred recovery:

Installing LineageOS representar recovery

Build ns LineageOS installation package.If you room not in recovery, reboot into recovery:With ns device powered off, host Volume up + Power. Keep sociedad anónima both buttons until ns “MI” logotipo appears on ns screen, climate release.Now tap Wipe.Now madness Format Data and continue with the formatting process. This will eliminate encryption and delete all files stored in los internal storage.Return to the previous menu y tap Advanced Wipe, climate select los Cache y System partitions y then Swipe come Wipe.Sideload ns LineageOS .zip package:On los device, select “Advanced”, “ADB Sideload”, then swipe to begin sideload.On los host machine, sideload ns package using: adb sideload If you want to install any extr add-ons, repeat los sideload steps above for those packages in sequence.

Note: If you desire Google aplicaciones on her device, you need to follow this step before booting right into LineageOS for los first time!
Warning: relying on which restore you use, you may be prompted to install additional apps y services.We strongly recommend you come opt out of installation these, together they may cause your device to bootloop,as well as attempt to access or corrupt your data.
LineageOS strongly recommends utilizing our builtin Updater app. Alternative methods are supported, however.

Using ns LineageOS Updater app

Open Settings, navigate to “System”, climate “Updater”.Click ns Refresh symbol in ns top best corner.Choose which upgrade you’d like y press “Download”.When ns download completes, clic “Install”. Your device will empezar de nuevo to recovery and install the update, then empezar de nuevo to los updated installation.

From your computador personal via ns push_update script (Linux/macOS only)

Run adb rootRun wget && chmod +x push-update.shRun: ./ /path/to/zipOpen Settings, navigate to “System”, then “Updater”. Then proceed to clic “Install” on the newly thrust update to commence installation. Your an equipment will empezar de nuevo to recovery and install ns update, then reiniciar to ns updated installation.

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Sideloading from Recovery

Run: adb empezar de nuevo sideload

Run: adb sideload /path/to/zip

Run: adb reboot

Upgrade to uno higher version of LineageOS (e.g. Lineage-15.1 -> lineage-16.0) on kenzo

Important: Please check out through los instructions at the very least once totally before actually adhering to them come avoid any type of problems because you missed something!
Warning: these instructions only apply to version upgrades. If you wish to downgrade come an earlier version that LineageOS, follow her device’s instructions for installing LineageOS the first time.
Tip: In some cases, uno newer LineageOS version might not install due to an outdated recovery.Follow your device’s installation guide to see how you can update her recovery image.

The updater app does not assistance upgrades representar one variation of LineageOS come another, y will cuadra installation to any kind of update for un different version. Upgrading manually requires ir a buscar steps to installing LineageOS for the first time.

Build a LineageOS install package.Run adb empezar de nuevo sideload.
los device may reboot to ns blank black screen, fear not, this is uno known pest on part recoveries, proceed with los instructions.
Run adb sideload /path/to/zip (inserting the path to your LineageOS package).(Optionally): If you desire to install any additional add-ons, click Advanced, then ADB Sideload, climate swipe to start sideload, climate adb sideload /path/to/zip those packages in sequence.
Note: If you previously had any type of Google aplicaciones package mounted on her device, you have to install an to update package before the first boots of Android! If you did not have actually Google apps installed, you have to wipe ns Data partition (or perform ns factory reset) to install them.
Warning: depending on which restore you use, you may be motivated to install added apps and services.We strongly recommend you come opt fuera of installation these, as they may reason your machine to bootloop,as well together attempt to access or corrupt your data.

Build because that kenzo


These instructions will certainly hopefully assist you to start with a cuota Xiaomi Redmi note 3, unlock the bootloader (if necessary), y then downloadthe forced tools also as ns very latest source code for LineageOS (based top top Google’s Android operating system) for your device. Utilizing these, you can construct botha LineageOS environment zip y a LineageOS recovery image y install them on your device.

It is an overwhelming to say how much suffer is crucial to follow this instructions. While this guide is absolutely not for los extremely uninitiated,these measures shouldn’t require uno PhD in software advance either. Some readers will certainly have alguno difficulty and breeze through the steps easily.Others might struggle over the most straightforward operation. Since people’s experiences, backgrounds, y intuitions differ, it might be ns good opinión to review throughjust to ascertain whether you feel comfortable or space getting over your head.

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Remember, you i think all risk of make the efforts this, yet you will reap ns rewards! that pretty solve to boot into un fresh operating mechanism you small at casa :).And when you’re one Android-building ninja, there will be cuales more must wait because that “nightly” builds desde anyone. You will have at her fingertips the skills tobuild a saturado operating system desde code and install it to a correr device, whenever you want. Where you go representar there– maybe you’ll add a feature, fix ns bug, add a translation,or use what did you do it learned to construct a new app or harbor to a nuevo device– or probably you’ll never build again– it’s all really as much as you.

What you’ll need

A Xiaomi Redmi note 3.A reasonably recent 64-bit computadora (Linux, macOS, or Windows) with uno reasonable quantity of RAM and about 200 GB of complimentary storage (more if you permit ccache or construct for multiple devices). The less lamb you have, ns longer the build will certainly take. Target for dieciséis GB lamb or more, enabling ZRAM have the right to be helpful. Using SSDs outcomes in substantially faster build veces than timeless hard drives.A USB cable compatible with the Xiaomi Redmi note 3.A decent net connection and reliable electricity.