Rom Huawei P8 Lite Ale-L21

Full guide on exactly how to Install inventario Firmware top top Huawei P8 Lite ALE-L21

Pre-Requisite : This overview is just for Huawei users. ns Micro SD card of 8GB or an ext should be available. The is recommended that ns Micro SD card is do by ADATA, Silicon Power, Hp, Sandisk, Kingstone, or Kingmax. Make sure you have enough battery to operación the update process. The is recommended that ns power of the battery is much more than 40%. No no upgrade operations might erase all her user data. For this reason if there is some important information, you need to backup lock before ns upgrade. before flashing, you need to unzip the SDupdate_Package.tar.gzfile, y get out UPDATE.APP to execute upgrade procedure on her SD Card. Come unzip, we might sometime share two zip file, package always comes with the main i beg your pardon is un complete OS.

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Where has datos file come with datos files from Huawei? Check the below archivo list. first of all, Download the Update package Recommended: Format the Micro SD card (This procedure is optional). Now Unzip ns package and Copy ns entire dload folder (with UPDATE.APP in it) to the root magazine of the Micro SD card. now on her phone, Open ns dialer and call ->enter: *#*#2846579#*#* ->ProjectMenu->Software Upgrade->SDCard Upgrade->OK,
now select the the you moved to SD card (root directory). now you will certainly see a screen i beg your pardon shows ns installation process.
Wait until the installation procedure completes. When ns progress bar stop, los phone will certainly restart instantly In instance if you have the datos File and you want to relámpago it, then, first of all, delete the earlier moved desde the dload folder then you can extract the second archivo (update_data_Xxxxx) desde above y move the new to ns dload folder. No repeat ns same 4-8 procedures above.

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That"s it! You have actually Installed cuota Firmware on Huawei Smartphone. Download no

Notic: Please store in mental that, friend must velocidad your Huawei P8 Lite ALE-L21 in ~ your very own risk y also full responsible with you.

Please be informed that just share the official firmware WITHOUT any modifications.

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