This write-up provides details on exactly how to troubleshoot concerns related to ns CD, DVD or Blu-ray drive on your desktop or Laptop computer. Los instructions listed below will assist you diagnose and resolve worries if her CD, DVD or Blu-ray drive is can not to review or recognize any kind of discs the you insert into los drive.

Summary: This short article provides info on exactly how to troubleshoot concerns related to the CD, DVD or Blu-ray journey on her desktop or Laptop computer. The instructions listed below will aid you diagnose and resolve problems if your CD, DVD or Blu-ray drive is unable to read or recognize any kind of discs that you insert into the drive.See less This short article provides information on just how to troubleshoot problems related to the CD, DVD or Blu-ray drive on your desktop or Laptop computer. The instructions listed below will help youSee an ext

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The CD, DVD or Blu-ray journey on your computadora may not have the ability to recognize or read any type of discs. My computadora or archivo Explorer (it was called Windows explorer in Microsoft Windows 7 and previously versions that Microsoft Windows) may dando the CD, DVD or Blu-ray icon yet may admitir a empty screen or an error message once you try to access los contents of ns disc. This issue may occur con pre-recorded discs and with recordable (R) or rewritable (RW) discs.

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Use the troubleshooting instructions listed below if her CD, DVD or Blu-ray journey is not able come read any discs or unable to recognize any discs. Los instructions will assist you resolve the problem in some instances if los drive has not failed completely.

The instructions below can be used for both internal and external CD, DVD or Blu-ray drives however some of ns fundamentals might be a little different.

The accuse below apply to los following Microsoft home windows Operating Systems, however, part instructions may slightly differ with ns older version of Microsoft Windows.

no Microsoft Windows diez Microsoft Windows ocho or ochenta y uno Microsoft Windows 7 no


Troubleshooting steps

Before you begin troubleshooting:

Try uno known-good disc prior to proceeding with los troubleshooting steps. Use un pre-recorded CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc depending on the type of drive the is mounted on her computer. Many computer systems are shipped con source DVD: shot to access ns contents of los disc utilizing My computer or file Explorer (it was dubbed Windows explorer in Microsoft Windows 7 and previously versions of Microsoft Windows) try to boot representar the source DVD come verify that ns issue is with the drive and not the disc itself. If you are using a recordable (R) or rewritable (RW) disc the was created on one more computer, make sure that los disc is able come playback on the computer that was offered to burn/record it. No If you are using ns recordable (R) or rewritable (RW) disc, verify that los disc burning/writing session to be closed correctly. Refer to the User hand-operated of the disc recording software program that you room using. Try different brands of recordable (R) or rewritable (RW) disc.

Click on the troubleshooting steps listed below for an ext instructions. If los issue is no resolved, proceed to the siguiente troubleshooting step.

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Verify the óptica disk journey is well-known in an equipment Manager

Ensure the the óptica disk journey is detailed in an equipment Manager. If not, to express to the knowledgebase article óptico Drive is not known in Windows.

no Press the Windows key + R to open up the correr dialog box. In the Run dialog box, escribe devmgmt.msc climate press los Enter key. No back to peak

Set the AutoPlay settings in home windows to defaults

AutoPlay function in Microsoft windows examines newly found removable media y devices and, based on content such as pictures, musical or videolapes files, it helps launch an proper application to play or display the content. If AutoPlay is disabled, nothing may occur when un disc is inserted. Follow los steps listed below to set los AutoPlay settings to defaults.

For windows 10, Windows 8.1 or home windows 8:

no Press the Windows key + R to open up the operación dialog box. In the Run dialog box, escribe control then press ns Enter key. Double-click los AutoPlay icon. Ensure friend check los Use AutoPlay for every media and devices check box. Select every drop-down menu y choose Ask me every time siguiente to every DVD, Blu-ray, y CD item, y then clic Save. No

For home windows 7:

Press ns Windows key + R to open up the operación dialog box. In los Run dialog box, type control climate press the Enter key. Click Hardware and sound icon, y then click AutoPlay. Under Media, pick Ask me every time in every drop-down menu, and then click Save.

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Run the pc Diagnostics ~ above the óptico Disk journey (CD, DVD or Blu-ray drive)

The optical disk journey diagnostic might require you to have certain types of optical mitad available, such as a CD-RW, DVD-RW, or Blu-ray disc. Before beginning los diagnostic, ensure friend have the proper media that you great to troubleshoot.

To run a Diagnostic on your CD, DVD or Blu-ray drive, browser to the optical Drive Diagnostic y follow los instructions

Note: it is compelled that you click on ns above link on ns computer that you are having trouble with. mechanism Detect y SupportAssist application will be mounted to operación a diagnostic on los devices of your computer. Follow the on-screen instructions come complete ns installation if ns applications room not accessible on her computer. Back to height no

Disable ns DMA mode of the óptica disk drive

To disable los DMA setting on the optical disk drive, follow these instructions:

Press ns Windows key + R to open the run dialog box. In los Run dialog box, escribe devmgmt.msc climate press the Enter key. In the Device gerente window, increase DVD or CD-ROM drives. Right-click the óptica disk drive y select Properties. Click the Advanced Settings tab. Under Device Properties, uncheck los Enable DMA checkbox. regreso to height no

Run the Microsoft CD/DVD Fix-it troubleshooter

Microsoft Fix-it is ns diagnostic software developed by Microsoft which permits detecting potential troubles which may influence a computadora running top top Microsoft Windows.

To instantly fix common issues con CD or DVD drives, clic the Run now connect below, y then follow ns on-screen instructions.

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Microsoft home windows Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and home windows 8
Microsoft home windows Windows 7, windows Vista y Windows XP
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Install the latest BIOS update on your computer proposal updating the BIOS as component of your booked update cycle. Prefer Operating System and driver revisions, ns update has feature enhancements or changes that will assist keep your system software current and compatible con other mechanism modules (hardware, firmware, drivers and software) and also providing defense updates y increased stability.

Refer to los knowledgebase post How to upgrade your device BIOS en Windows for more information.

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Update or reinstall the driver for the óptico disk drive

Drivers for your CD, DVD or Blu-ray journey is had within ns Operating System y hence go not call for you to install ns specific driver.

To reinstall ns driver, follow the instructions below:

Press the Windows key + R to open the run dialog box. Escribe devmgmt.msc in the run dialog box, then push Enter key. Note: girlfriend will need to login to Windows with an account with administrator privileges. If girlfriend get any type of prompts representar User Account control while accessing an equipment Manager, click Yes come continue. In los Device Manager window, expand DVD/CD-ROM drives. Right-click the CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive the is listed, and then clic Uninstall. Click OK to confirm that you want to remove ns device. Restart your computadora (Once the restart is complete, ns Operating system will immediately install ns required drivers). espalda to optimal no

Uninstall and reinstall los noted playback software (DVD or Blu-ray movie playback issues) systems that have an óptico disk drive come with ns factory set up DVD or Blu-ray playback software. For DVD or Blu-ray movie playback, specific playback software and codecs are forced to be installed on her computer. Ns listed applications will enable your computer with necessary codecs because that such playback of movie DVD or Blu-ray discs.

If friend are having trouble with movie playback, try to uninstall y reinstall los listed playback software.

no You have the right to use los software environment disc that may have actually come with your computer. Note: For more information on downloading and install software to express to the knowledgebase write-up My downloads -- typically Asked Questions. Espalda to peak

Perform ns Windows system Restore

System regain is uno built-in Windows tool designed to protect and repair los operating system. As soon as something goes wrong with your computer, device Restore must be supplied prior to restoring to factory condition.

Select los Operating System set up on your computadora to find an ext information around how to perform device Restore:

no no back to peak

Restore your computadora to manufacturing facility defaults

If los ordenador personal Diagnostics ~ above the óptica disk drive has passed, that is most absolutely an worry related to software installed on her computer. If ns above troubleshooting steps have actually not to be able come resolve the issue con the óptico disk drive, you could try to restore your computer factory defaults as a final resort. computers are constructed with un small amount of tough disk room reserved because that reinstalling your operating system. This technique is ns easiest means to restore your computadora to manufacturing facility condition. The restoration process deletes all user data from the computer, so be sure to espalda up all of your files prior to starting this process.

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Select the Operating System mounted on your computadora to find much more information about how to regain your computer to manufacturing facility defaults:

no no espalda to height

For any type of other concern with los CD, DVD or Blu-ray journey on her computer, refer to los knowledgebase post Troubleshooting CD/DVD or Blu-Ray Drive problems in Microsoft Windows.