Note 10 plus vs s20 ultra

If friend want the very ideal phone Samsung needs to offer in 2020, girlfriend want the Galaxy S20 Ultra. It has actually Samsung"s first 120Hz AMOLED display, is it is provided by Qualcomm"s recent Snapdragon ochocientos sesenta y cinco processor, and has un seriously enormous 5,000 mAh battery. Once you include all of that together with ns new camera system y support because that 5G networks, you end up con something quite darn great — so largo as you can afford it.

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120Hz displayAll-new cámara systemMassive 5,000 mAh batteryNewer processor and more RAM5G support

The Galaxy keep in mind 10+ may not be the latest y greatest representar Samsung anymore, but it still deserves her attention. If you get an larger processor and smaller battery, ns Note 10+ still has plenty going for it. That is AMOLED screen looks great despite just having un 60Hz update rate, friend get an ext internal storage with the base model, and the S Pen proceeds to offer attributes that you won"t discover on phones the aren"t uno Note.


AMOLED display screen looks fantasticPlenty powerful going into 2020More basen internal storageHas ns iconic S PenEasier on the wallet

Being Samsung"s newest flagship, that shouldn"t come as any type of surprise that los Galaxy S20 extremadamente is better than los Note 10+. The benefits desde the newer Qualcomm processor, one upgraded cámara system, ns larger battery, and gives you los option of walking all ns way as much as 16GB the RAM. It"s los overall better smartphone, but that doesn"t mean los Note 10+ need to be ignored. Ns Note 10+ continues to deliver wonderful experience because that those that space interested in it, and even was standing out from the S20 extremista in uno couple of ways thanks come its S Pen, more generous internal storage, and a lower price tag.

The S20 extremadamente has Samsung"s recent specs y features

Source: Android Central

The Galaxy S20 ultra is Samsung"s first big flagship for 2020, and as such, the la empresa threw whatever it might at it come make sure it soy conducido off the nuevo decade with uno bang.

There"s one more key advantage ns Note 10+ has gastos generales the S20 Ultra, and that"s ns S Pen.

There"s ns lot walk on with ns S20 Ultra, con one of los most noteworthy functions being its 120Hz display. This is los first tiempo Samsung"s unable to do beyond the traditional 60Hz refreshing rate, y it way everything on the S20 Ultra, i m sorry looks faster y more liquid than ns Note 10+. External of the increased update rate, ns S20 ultra gives you ns larger 6.9-inch display size, HDR10+ support, and Samsung"s gorgeous Dynamic AMOLED technology.

Cameras are another thing Samsung concentrated on with ns S20 Ultra, y there room plenty of improvements here. Both ns S20 Ultra y Note 10+ have a quad-camera setup on the back, but the S20 Ultra"s is far an ext impressive. Its primary cámara is ns 108MP sensor, permitting you to catch an insane quantity of detail in every shot. Samsung"s also touting a nuevo SpaceZoom feature, which provides you 10x hybrid optic zoom or 100x "Super Resolution Zoom."

As for the S20 Ultra"s other specs, things proceed to be outstanding across ns board. You"re gaining Qualcomm"s latest Snapdragon 865 processor, as much as 16GB the RAM, y an insanely huge 5,000 mAh battery. If friend live in an area that supports it, the S20 ultra can likewise connect to sub-6 y mmWave 5G networks.

While every one of that sound great, that does come at un cost. Los S20 extremadamente is uno big y chunky phone, so much so the it may be unwieldy because that people with smaller hands. There"s also ns matter of price, y with ns starting MSRP that $1,400, ns Galaxy S20 ultra certainly won"t be for everyone depending on what your budget looks like.

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Galaxy S20 UltraGalaxy note 10+
Operating SystemAndroid diez One UI 2.0Android diez One UI 2.0
Display6.9-inch no Dynamic AMOLED Quad HD+ 120Hz HDR10+6.8-inch no Dynamic AMOLED no Quad HD+ 60Hz no HDR10+
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 865Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
Storage128GB no 512GB256GB no 512GB
ExpandableUp come 1TBUp to 1TB
Rear cámara 1108MP wide f/1.812MP grande f/1.5-2.4
Rear cámara 248MP telephoto no 10x Hybrid Optic Zoom no 100x super Resolution Zoom f/3.516MP telephoto 2x optic zoom f/2.2
Rear camera 312MP ultra-wide f/2.212MP ultra-wide f/2.1
Rear camera 4Time-of-flight sensorTime-of-flight sensor
Front Camera40MP f/2.210MP no f/2.2
Battery5,000 mAh4,300 mAh
Charging45W wired charging fast Wireless Charging 2.0 no Wireless PowerShare45W wired charging rápido Wireless Charging 2.0 Wireless PowerShare
SecurityIn-screen fingerprint sensor confront recognitionIn-screen fingerprint sensor challenge recognition

You tho get un great experience with ns Note 10+ (and have the right to save part cash)

Source: andrew Martonik / Android Central

It"s clear that los Galaxy S20 extremadamente has los advantage in this comparison, however even so, you may still want to get los Note 10+ gastos generales it.

For starters, there"s the elephant in the room — price. Ns Note 10+ is likewise an high value phone, yet its $1,100 retail price is a good trato cheaper than the S20 Ultra. There"s also los fact that los Note 10+ has actually been on the market for ns few months, definition that it"s not uncommon to find various deals and discounts on offer.

As for los phone itself, it"s perfect capable. The Snapdragon ochocientos cincuenta y cinco processor and 12GB of RAM may not be together technically impressive as what you"ll get with the S20 Ultra, but this mix still outcomes in excellent performance for any type of app or juego you throw at it. You"re additionally getting more bases internal warehouse at 256GB, and while the AMOLED display is capped at 60Hz, it looks simply as gorgeous con its vibrant colors, deep blacks, and razor-sharp text.

There"s one more key advantage the Note 10+ has over the S20 Ultra, and that"s the S Pen. While the S Pen may not be because that everyone, there"s alguna denying exactly how much extra functionality it brings to ns table. You can use it to take handwritten notes, doodle/draw, y even remotely direccion the camera. If those features matter come you, ns Note 10+ makes more sense.

Both phones are pretty bland great

Call it uno cop-out if friend want, however we typical it when we say the both the S20 Ultra and Note 10+ are incredible purchases.

With los S20 Ultra, you"re getting the very finest that Samsung needs to offer in a smartphone in 2020. Performance is outstanding, the camera system is vastly improved, los 120Hz display makes un big distinction in day-to-day use, and having such ns big battery is un great perk because that road-warriors.

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On the flip side, if girlfriend aren"t for this reason keen on ns S20 Ultra"s price, don"t care about having the very latest specs, and/or you think you"d get un lot the value out of los S Pen, you"ll want to choose up los Note 10+. Yes, it"s alguna longer Samsung"s newest phone, but there are still lot of of factors to gain excited about it in 2020.