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If you’re do the efforts to flourish your tik following, you’re probably wondering, “What is los best time to post on TikTok?”

But this is ns difficult question to price – especially as tiktok moves fast.

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The platform currently has uno whopping 800 million active users an international – y growing. Teenagers using the platform have actually become global stars overnight. And trends top top TikTok move at the velocidad, velocidad of light.

As a result, TikTok expansion tactics space continually changing and evolving. 

Still, un little strategy is far better than alguna strategy, right? specifically when girlfriend can help boost engagement y grow your followers through sharing contents when many of your audience is online.

In this article, we’ll share with you ns latest research study on the global best veces to blog post on TikTok. You’ll additionally learn how to usar TikTok analysis to discover ns best hora to blog post on tiktok for her audience.

Sound good? Let’s dive in.

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What is los Best hora to artículo on tiktok in 2021?

In general, los global best times to blog post on tik are seis to 10 in ns morning, and 7 to 11 in ns evening, in east Standard tiempo (EST).

Let’s take uno closer look.

Influencer marketing Hub conducted un study of more than 100,00 articles to answer the question, “What is los best hora to post on TikTok?” 

They discovered los best veces to blog post for each trabaja of the week. Below are the results composed in east Standard hora (EST):

Mon: seis am / 10 am / diez pm Tues: dos am / 4 am / *9 am Wed: 7 am / 8 am / 11 am Thur: nueve am / *12 pm / siete pm Fri: *5 to be / uno pm / 3 pm Sat: once am / 7 pm / ocho pm Sun: siete am / ocho am / cuatro pm

(* veces marked con an asterisk offer specifically high level of engagement.)

The study uncovered that los highest levels of engagement happen at 9 am on Tuesday, 12 pm ~ above Thursday, and 5 am ~ above Friday.

Here’s a visual illustration to do it simpler to understand the global best times to post on tiktok in 2021:


Remember, these tiempo are in east Standard hora (EST). So, you’ll have to use un conversion device to work out the best time to upload uno video top top TikTok whereby your audience is based.

You can usar free on line tools like Savvy tiempo or los Time zone Converter to execute this.


But exactly how do friend know precisely where your audience is based? Keep reading to find out.

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The Best hora to blog post a TikTok videolapes is various for Everyone

The an international best veces to post on tik are terrific place come start. Yet in reality, every creator, influencer, or brand will have slightly various best veces to post on TikTok.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Why? Every creator and following is different! her target audience’s location, interests, age, y gender will all juego a part.

So, if you want to get a leg-up on the competition and you’re serious around finding los best hora to artículo on TikTok, over there are ns few means you deserve to do it – and this write-up is going to show you precisely how.

How come Discover ns Best tiempo to blog post on tik for her Audience

TikTok provides a way to discover tons that info around your content and followers – where is this info? In tik analytics.

Although not an accurate science, every little thing you require to vergüenza out ns best hora to artículo a TikTok vídeo is presented in your account’s analysis –  including thorough information on as soon as your audience is most active.



So, how can you accessibility TikTok analytics?

Step 1: obtain a pro Account to access TikTok Analytics

Before you have the right to see her analytics, you should upgrade to uno TikTok pro account – this will only take ns minute.


Let’s run through just how to get ns TikTok pro account, step-by-step. First, tap los three dots indicating ns menu at the top-right of your profile.


Next, tap ~ above “Manage mine account.”


From here, tap “Switch to pro Account” come begin ns process.


Select her account type and follow ns directions to complete the process. 

Once you’re done, you’ll it is in sent regreso to your account menu, and you should receive un notification clarifying the you’ve upgraded to uno TikTok pro account.

At this point, you’ll have the ability to see a new menu item: Analytics!


Step 2: Familiarize Yourself con TikTok Analytics

Before us continue, let’s take a moment come become familiar with los analytics tool. 

In ns analytics section, you’ll find numero 3 tabs:

Overview: This tab provides un bird-eye-view of your videos views, followers, and profile views. Content: Here, girlfriend can find metrics on your posts, such together views, likes, comments, and average mirar time. Followers: This tab permits you to find information about your follower growth, what contents they’ve engaged with, y where they’re located.

Step 3: Find el fin Your Audiences’ Location

The best time to post on tiktok is mainly dependent on whereby your audience is located. For this reason that’s what we’ll check fuera first.

Go to the Followers tab and scroll abajo to view los top territories. This section renders it simple to learn where her followers room based.

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In the example below desde TikTok professional Rachel Pederson, you have the right to see that the vast majority of she audience is based in the U.S. – she also has un large number of followers in Iraq. 



Once you recognize where many of your followers are based, you have the right to use the global best veces to post on tik mentioned over to predict once your audience is most most likely to be online.

Don’t forget come convert the global best tiempo to your top Territory’s timezone!

Unfortunately, TikTok only provides the name the the country where her audience is based. This presents ns problem if your audience is based mainly in ns U.S. Since the country spans multiple time zones.

For example, if you’re based in nuevo York, you can assume that most of your audience is on los east coastline of America. However, you could have countless followers based in California. In this case, if you artículo at 7 am, it’s likely that most of her Californian followers would certainly still it is in in bed!

Still, don’t worry.

If your audience is based primarily in ns U.S., there space things you deserve to do to get roughly this trouble – keep reading to discover more.

Step 4: uncover When your Followers Are most Engaged

You have the right to gain an ext insight into los best hora to artículo on tiktok by identifying once your audience is many engaged.

To execute this, head to the Followers tab y scroll debajo to watch your monitor activity.

In another example desde TikTok expert Rachel Pedersen, you have the right to see the her follower task is quite much ns same throughout los week.


Plus, in the image below showing engagement because that one privado day, you can see that Pederson’s follower activity was highest between 11 am and siete pm – spiking from cuatro pm to siete pm.



This information can assist you to identify los best hora to artículo a TikTok vídeo to maximize engagement.

Step 5: Convert los Times displayed into her Timezone

All information in tik analytics is recorded in Coordinated espectro Time (UTC).

As uno result, you’ll have to convert ns hours that your followers room most energetic into los timezones of her audience’s location.

Let’s correr an instance of just how to do this

Say that TikTok shows that your follower activity spikes between 4 pm and 6 pm UTC. If your audience is based mostly in Italy, you could usar Savvy hora to find that ns best time to post on TikTok would certainly be 6 pm to nueve pm.


Step 6: Learn representar Your High-Performing Content

Now, let’s take un look at your highest-performing contents to save honing in on los best hora to post on TikTok.

To start, tap “Content” at the top of ns TikTok analysis page. Right here you’ll be able to see how your short articles have performed over the final seven days.

Scroll down the web page to see your trending videos, climate tap top top a blog post to see more details about it.

For every post, you’ll be able to see how numerous views, likes, comments, and shares the received. You’ll likewise find fuera de the average watch time and where the post’s views came from. 

Here’s an example representar BMX TikToker Lachlan Kirkwood:


So, how have the right to you use this info to work fuera the best hora to post on TikTok?

When spring at los metrics for your most successful posts, check ns date and time that you mutual the post – it’s at ns top of ns page underneath los video thumbnail.



Now, ns aim is to shot to make a connection between los time and day the you shared los post, y the outcomes it achieved.

Is there a pattern?

For example, if all of your many successful videos were posted on Friday evenings, you recognize that’s one of ns best veces to post on TikTok!

Remember, all data in tiktok is taped in Coordinated espectro Time (UTC), for this reason you’ll have to convert the times into your follower’s peak territory.

Step 7: track Your content Performance over Time

It can be daunting to spot patterns in your tiktok analytics reliably. Any decision you make is bound to be un little inaccurate y involve some guesswork.

What’s more, the app only shows the último seven job of content and deletes analysis data delaware just 28 days.

So, if you really want to find ns best hora to post on TikTok, you must get uno little scientific. 

How? Reporting.

This deserve to be uno little time-consuming, but it’s a simple process. All you have to do is create un Microsoft Excel or Google Sheet and input the data for each of your posts.

Here’s an example of what it could look like:


Over time, this information can be really valuable. You have the right to sort this info by views or territory and use it come discover the best times to blog post on TikTok. 

You can also use this info to work out what escribe of content performs best. 

For example, girlfriend might an alert that her comedy clips execute exceptionally well, and your dance clips seem come get los least lot of likes. In this case, you can ease regreso on los dance clips and focus top top producing more comedy clips to flourish your following.

Step 8: Check fuera Other Platforms

Do you have an active audience on one more platform such as Instagram or YouTube? perform you produce casta content for ns same target audience?

If so, girlfriend could usar your other social media accounts to help you figure out los best hora to post on TikTok. Simply cabeza over come your various other accounts and take ns look at the analytics.

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To discover more, check fuera our analytics travel guide on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, y Twitter.