Medidas Para Foto De Portada De Facebook

A en facebook cover fotografía is often ns first point of call you have con potential followers. Bottom line: This is one arena where an initial impressions count. There is uno right way. And size doesmatter.

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So, what’s the perfect facebook cover fotografía size? Well, the depends. Sort of.

The perfect facebook cover foto size

What are the perfect facebook cover photo dimensions? us say ochocientos veinte x 461 pixels. (Screenshot via Dr. Martens)

Let’s comienzo with los source itself: Facebook’s take it on ns perfect cover foto size for facebook Pages:

For desktop: Ideally, ochocientos veinte pixels lejos by trescientos doce pixels tallFor smartphones: Ideally, seiscientos cuarenta pixels lejos by trescientos sesenta pixels tallMinimum dimensions: At a minimum, your fotografía must be cuatrocientos pixels grande and ciento cincuenta pixels tallFastest load: Optimize as an sRGB JPG archivo at 851 pixels wide, trescientos quince pixels tall, y under cien kilobytes

Note the these sizes differ from the recommended sizes for en facebook event cover photos.

End that article? Well, no quite.

Since the ratios because that desktop y smartphone cover fotografía sizes diverge, alguno one photo will display ns same on desktop an mobile.Cover photos screen taller (16:9 ratio) on mobile (tablets y smartphones) but narrower.

The an excellent news? facebook won’t try to force-stretch photo to meet desktop or cell phone dimensions. That method Facebook will not auto-distort her cover photos. Instead, they will certainly crop un larger fotografía (i.e. Desktop cover photo dimensions) to accomplish mobile dimension requirements.

In other words, always upload her cover photo optimized because that desktop. But still, the not fairly that simple.

Don’t forget ns “mobile safe” area

The important issue of desktop vs. Cell phone dimensions/ratio/display brings united state to the siguiente point of consideration: los “mobile-safe” area for your facebook cover photo.

Since tarde ratios differ in between desktop y mobile –at 820 x 312 pixels, uno non-standard 205:78 relación on desktop, vs. Un standard 16:9 relación on mobile –you need to take right into consideration the mobile viewing area of her desktop-optimized photos.

Putting this to numbers: If you were to adhere to the 820 x 312-pixel en facebook cover picture dimensions for desktop, los equivalent cell phone (16:9 ratios) the town hall area that that photo equates to about 555 x trescientos doce pixels:

If friend upload a facebook cover fotografía at ochocientos veinte x trescientos doce pixels, ns center 555 x 312 pixels will certainly be viewable top top mobile.

Alternately, friend may likewise design your desktop computer cover picture at ns 16:9 ratio– in other words, 820 x cuatrocientos sesenta y uno pixels (technically, 461.25 pixels). If you opt for this route, know that en facebook will crop the image (remove peak + bottom sections) to accomplish its desktop computer display of ochocientos veinte x trescientos doce pixels:

Alternatively, if friend upload un 16:9 relación image for desktop computer (= 820 x 461 pixels), then only the vertically centered ochocientos veinte x trescientos doce pixels will certainly be mostrar claramente on desktop.

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Bottom line: Make sure your text and other vital cover picture information are inserted fully within los mobile and/or desktop computer viewing areaof her photo. In ns pinch, Facebook’s repositioning tool can help, yet you’ll have actually less frustration and better results if you design your foto for these specific dimensions.

So, what’s the perfect en facebook cover photo size?

If friend want los highest quality, clearest image for your facebook cover photo (and you should), then los answer is 820 x cuatrocientos sesenta y uno pixels.

At this size, your foto will display beautifully both top top desktop and mobile, if its cropped version will never lose integrity. In various other words, you will do it have uno crisp, perfect en facebook cover photo, no matter how it’s displayed.

Don’t forget facebook cover VIDEO!

Did girlfriend know? You can now display un cover videos (20-90 secs in length), together opposed to ns static covering image.

The very same rules apply: Your videolapes must be ns minimum 820 x trescientos doce pixels. If los dimensions/ratio space slightly off, you deserve to use ns Facebook repositioner to display screen your preferred video area. But, recognize that early to the nature the video, it’s daunting to develop one, soltero video that display screens perfectly top top both desktop and mobile. For now, the is.

Tips for designing an eye-catching en facebook cover photo

All good en facebook images have uno focal point.

Now that you know what dimension to design, it’s time to start brainstorming whatto design. What renders for ns most effective, highest converting en facebook cover photo?

1. Add ns focal point

Your en facebook cover fotografía is ns first thing un consumer watch of your page. Friend don’t want your post to be distracting, confusing, or muddled. Far better yet, you execute want your photo to feature uno central focal apuntar a to draw ns eye and focus attention. Be certain this focal punto aligns with your brand.

2. Minimize text

Once upon ns time, facebook allowed ns maximum 20% message on covering photos. That restriction has largo since gone, yet that doesn’t median you need to slap lots of message onto her cover image. The new goal: keep her cover photo copy concise.

3. Employ uno call-to-action

Facebook enables for call-to-action buttons (think: Shop currently or sign Up), so why no use your cover foto as un call-to-action for her call-to-action?

For example, you might use uno person in her cover foto to point to your call-to-action switch below. If you go this route, though, psychic that desktop displays in different ways than mobile; your person deserve to vaguely point toward your CTA yet if it’s too precise, the won’t work on both desktop y mobile.

4. Include text + ns link to her cover photo description

Many companies fail to add uno cover foto description as soon as in fact, this is one excellent spot to highlight and support her Page’s call-to-action.

5. To mark deals and/or current events

Don’t be fear to update her cover photo with upcoming sales, events, y other current advances in your business. Girlfriend can also use ns space to highlight details features, clues of pride, or other information you’d like to call out.

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6. Pin ns related post

Don’t simply stop at her cover photo and photo description: Pin a related post– and by that, we median a blog post that straight relates to and reinforces ns CTA in your cover foto – to ns top of her page, to additional bring casa your message.

Want to grow your en facebook followers quickly?

Now girlfriend know exactly how to maximize your facebook cover photo impact (and dimensions), yet what’s a great image without los followers to love it? facebook follow buttonis un perfect device to start growing (or supercharge) your en facebook following. Not to mention, it’s also mobile optimized, lightweight, and easy come configure y install. Examine it out!