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Roku – web Browser X

Amazon Fire t.v.

Amazon Fire televisión offers both ns Firefox y Silk web browsers, i beg your pardon provide more flexibility than los Samsung Smart t.v. Browser. Once installed, lock will show up on the home screen labeled as Firefox and Internet (Silk).


One feature of ns Firefox and Silk browsers on uno Fire televisión device is that, in enhancement to using los navigation controls on the Fire tv remote, you have the right to also usar Alexa commands to search los web.

However, bookmarking specific pages and saving passwords is not accessible on the Fire t.v. Version of Firefox. Also, although you can view images y content, you cannot download them. Los Fire tv version that Firefox also looks different than the computador personal or cell phone version.


The Silk web browser may display one of dos screens as shown below. On los left is ns Silk browser página de inicio page, y on the right is the default Bing search engine. This options provide flexibility for both accessing content y conducting a normal web search.

When you close Silk browser, the final website you to be viewing will certainly automatically appear the next time friend open ns browser. However, simply as con Firefox (and ns built-in Samsung browser), you can not download images or other content making use of Silk.


no Google Chromecast no

If you"re using chrome on your ordenador personal or Laptop, select cast to send anything visible on your ordenador personal or Laptop to un Samsung televisión via Chromecast. The Chromecast stick have to be connected via HDMI come the trasero of the Samsung TV.

The chrome browser desde your computador personal will display screen on your Samsung TV. You deserve to scroll through pages y open them desde a individual browser tab. However, if you open or close a tab girlfriend will have to disconnect and reconnect Chromecast in order to see the nuevo tab(s) top top your t.v. Screen.

In addition to casting the chrome browser, find fuera de how friend can actors everything you have the right to see ~ above your ordenador personal to un Samsung t.v. Using Chromecast.

no Apple televisión

Apple t.v. Does no offer un web web browser that have the right to be set up directly, but you deserve to install AirWeb on un compatible iphone phone or iPad. Making use of Airplay, you can mirror ns "Air Web" web browser through ns Apple tv connected to her Samsung TV.

You can also AirPlay her Mac"s display to a connected Apple t.v. Device. There space some additional la red browsers easily accessible for Apple televisión that deserve to be viewed on a Samsung TV.

Why a Plug-in media Streamer may Not Be ns Best choice

Unless you currently have one external media streamer, it may not be the best option for getting a web web browser on your Samsung TV. This is due to the fact that you space paying for uno device that provides duplicate access to ns lot of the same streaming apps that your Samsung Smart tv may already offer.

If you room satisfied with the streaming app an option on her Samsung smart TV, making use of another technique to obtain an alternative tejido de punto browser come work with your televisión might be much more efficient. One such alternative is to plug a ordenador personal directly into your television.

option Two: Plug a computador personal Into Your tv

Instead the connecting a mitad streaming stick or crate to her Samsung clever TV, friend can connect a computador personal or laptop vía an HDMI or VGA connection. You deserve to view tejido de punto browser search results (as well as nearly all work you deserve to do on her PC) top top the t.v. Screen.

The advantage of this method is that you have the right to use ns browser(s) girlfriend are familia with and also perform other pc functions ~ above your t.v. Screen. Any web browser you have installed on your PC, consisting of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, y others discussed in this guide, will be viewable on your Samsung televisión screen. And you have the right to use the keyboard or mouse you have linked to your computador personal to navigate the web browser.

Depending on your Laptop or PC, girlfriend may have actually to collection it to output the screen via los HDMI or VGA port, in which instance your laptop or exposición screen might go dark. Girlfriend may additionally have ns option the viewing ns screen on both your PC and the t.v. At ns same time.

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alternative Three: usar Screen Mirroring no

If friend would fairly not have to physically attach a mitad streamer or pc to your TV, un wireless alternate is to use screen mirroring, i m sorry is sometimes additionally referred to as Miracast or Wi-Fi Direct.

Wireless display screen Mirroring is accessible on most Wi-Fi-enabled PCs, laptops, and smartphones. Display mirroring allows you to transmit any kind of browsers, as well as everything else displayed or save on computer on your ordenador personal or smartphone, to her Samsung tv screen.

screen Mirroring Setup ~ above Samsung TVs no

Screen Mirroring is supported on nearly all Samsung smart TVs. Although its setup varies depending on model year and series.

Example One: Press los Source button on your remote, then select ns Screen Mirroring resource option in the t.v. Menu.Example Two: Select Menu on her remote, then pick Network > display screen Mirroring.Example Three: Select Menu > Network > experienced Settings > Wi-Fi Direct.

In enhancement to activating screen Mirroring on your Samsung TV, you likewise need to activate that on your pc or smartphone.

screen Mirroring Setup for PCs: Windows diez

Here"s just how to collection up screen mirroring on un Windows diez device.

In Bluetooth & various other devices, choose Add Bluetooth or other device. This will take you to ns Add a Device page.

Once your Samsung t.v. Shows increase on los device list, pick it y wait for your pc to affix to her Samsung TV.

screen Mirroring Setup for smartphones

Here space some typical methods for setup up screen mirroring on ns smartphone.

Samsung: go to Notifications > display screen Mirroring (or Smart check out or fast Connect). Los phone will certainly look for the TV, commonly identifying that by the modelo number. Once the model number appears, choose it. You may be asked come enter ns PIN detailed by los TV.HTC: go to Settings > HTC connect. Open it and scan for the TV.LG: Check because that Screen Mirroring, Screen Share, Wi-Fi Direct, or Miracast and go through los scanning procedure.

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Other brands: inspect for Screen Mirroring y follow the prompts.