The best family plan right now is T-Mobile’s Magenta, which offers unlimited datos at unbeatable prices, including ns option to add uno third hilera for free right now. You can add up come eight lines, and additional currently beyond ns first numero 3 are $20 each. We have actually some alternative options if T-Mobile service isn’t good in her area or if you’re feather for los best individual plan, ideal unlimited plan, y more.

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We examen hundreds of móviles inteligentes at Digital Trends, so good service is essential. We pour v every information of what each carrier offers y review coverage y service standards prior to making references to ensure girlfriend find the right destinado a for you.

Editor’s Note: Each destinadas we’ve chosen lists only ns price the your service bill. You will also pay monthly installments ~ above your new phones’ balances, if you choose to buy nuevo phones representar your carrier. This is described further in ns section listed below titled “How do phone payment plans work?”

At un glance

T-MobileBest cell phone destinadas overall
SprintBest individual plan
VerizonBest campo service
Unlimited Extra, y Unlimited EliteBest at & t plans
T-Mobile y SprintBest plan for international travelers
T-Mobile MagentaBest unlimited datos plan
T-Mobile just PrepaidBest prepaid destinadas (from uno major carrier)


The best


Why you should buy this: T-Mobile leads los industry con plans that charge alguna overages, price less than ns competition, and offer an ext perks.

Read much more about T-Mobile’s plan here.

Who it’s for: anyone who wants an countless plan, stays in an urban area, or travels internationally a lot.

How lot it will cost:

 People Line cost Data Total
1 $70 Unlimited $70
2 $70 + $50 Unlimited $120
3 $70 + $50 + 0 Unlimited $120
4$70 + $50 + $0 +$20 Unlimited $140
5$70 + $50 + $0 +$20 + $20 Unlimited $160

These price reflect the autopay pricing discount that $5 per line y include taxes and fees.

T-Mobile is los industry leader in los U.S. Con its bolder “Un-carrier” campaign. Once T-Mobile busts out a new destinadas or feature, ns rest of the carriers inevitably follow its example. T-Mobile started by finishing overage charges, killing the two-year contract, y offering lower prices than its competitors.

Now, T-Mobile offers ns wide selection of perks, including cost-free gifts on Tuesdays, unlimited data plans, videolapes streaming, free internacional service, and more. Together such, T-Mobile wins ours awards for ideal unlimited plan, best internacional service, y best urban service.

Of course, you need to look beyond los gimmicks to see los core facets of T-Mobile’s service. That offers one plan: T-Mobile Magenta.

There’s no contract, and you need to pay los full, unsubsidized price for each móvil inteligentes you to buy on los plan. You’ll pay for each maker in installments (typically $20 come $30 ns month período phone), or girlfriend can lug your very own phone rather of buying a nuevo one.

T-Mobile Magenta Plus, uno premium upgrade, beginning at second $15 ns month and includes unlimited GoGo in-flight Wi-Fi, voicemail come text, y caller ID. T-Mobile Magenta plus customers obtain unlimited datos at twice the velocidad, velocidad of the basic T-Mobile Magenta destinadas (up to doscientos cincuenta y seis kbps) and unlimited text y calling in ~ $0.25 término minute in doscientos diez countries.

Bottom line: Data hogs get ns pretty decent transacción with ns T-Mobile Magenta Plan y its endless data y people that want uno no-frills endless option will find T-Mobile’s One destinadas attractive. Large families that make internacional calls or tether come mobile hotspots need to opt for Magenta Plus.

Disclaimer: If friend live in a rural area, T-Mobile might not work-related for you. Coverage is quiet spotty in rural America, despite it excels in cities.

The perks the come with T-Mobile’s plan:

Mobile without Borders: T-Mobile users get totally free calling and texting to and from Mexico and Canada y up come 5GB of free high-speed datos when traveling there and also unlimited text and data y low flat-rate call in 210 countries worldwide. High-speed datos passes are accessible for $5 período day.Jump! top top Demand: An 18-month covenant lets girlfriend lease phones because that less and upgrade to ns latest y greatest call every 30 days.Scam ID y Scam Block: The company offers cost-free screening because that scammers with alguna app or opt-in forced — she alerted with ns Scam likely message if T-Mobile detects a scam call.T-Mobile Tuesdays: Download los iOS y Android application to get totally free deals every Tuesday, like ns Dunkin Donuts latte or Taco bell tacos.No overages on data: The unlimited destinadas has no overages.Free Netflix subscription: For T-Mobile Magenta limitless customers with two or much more lines on your account.Speeds won’t throttle till 50GB: for subscribers on ns T-Mobile Magenta plan, speeds won’t throttle until your data usage reaches 50GB.

The downsides of T-Mobile’s plan:

Spotty coverage in rural areasThe tethering between your phone and other devices is limitado to 3G speedsSign up for coche Pay on your bills, or T-Mobile will certainly charge $5 adicional per line each month


The best individual plan


Why you must buy this: acceleration offers un cheap separar plan, y it comes with nice perks.

Read much more about Sprint’s plan here

Who it’s for: Anyone that can’t obtain T-Mobile, however who travels dentro de Sprint’s coverage maps and wants to save money.

How lot it will certainly cost:

PeopleLine costDataTotal
2$60 + $40Unlimited$100
3$60 + $40 + $20Unlimited$120
4$60 + $40 + $20 + $20Unlimited$140
5$60 + $40 + $20 + $20 + $20Unlimited$160

Why we picked Sprint:

Sprint typically undercuts T-Mobile prices y offers, but ns carrier sick in network coverage contrasted to los rest. Sprint comes with fewer perks 보다 T-Mobile’s service, yet it’s still ns solid option for those on ns budget that live in cities y other densely lived in regions, wherein its coverage is strongest.

Sprint has struggled in ns past come match los competition’s data speeds — in many areas of ns country, you’ll gain slower rates than client on ns other three carriers. That’s miscellaneous to store in mind before you commit.

Sprint offers three unlimited plan — Basic, Plus, and Premium — tailored to certain streaming, hotspot, or other preferences currently that its limitless Freedom destinado a is alguna longer gift offered. There’s no contract, and you need to pay ns full, unsubsidized price for each móvil inteligentes on the plan. You’ll pay for gadgets in installments (typically $20 come $30 a month término phone), or girlfriend can bring your very own phone instead of buying a new one.

It’s worth noting the Sprint’s unlimited destinado a is one of ns most restrictive. Specific categories of traffic — favor multiplayer gaming y music streaming — space throttled, y Sprint reserves the right to end your servicio if girlfriend exceed your monthly tethering limit.

Still, Sprint’s limitless plans aren’t uno bad option for data hogs who rely solely on cellular for internet access. In ~ $60 because that a solamente line, Unlimited an easy is ns money saver.

Perks that come con Sprint plans:

Unlimited talk, text, and data in Canada y Mexico, as well as los United States. Countless text and data at reduced speeds is also available in almost ciento ochenta countries worldwide, though calls cost 20 cents per minute.Varying LTE mobile-hotspot data.No overages.Lets you lease some phones so girlfriend can acquire a nuevo one every year.Global roaming for an ext than 200 locations worldwide

The defect of Sprint’s countless plan:

Gaming is límite to 8Mbps.Music streaming is limited to 1.5Mbps.Roaming restrictions: Sprint might terminate your service if you regularly use more 보다 100MB of datos roaming.

The downsides of all Sprint plans:

Spotty coverage in rural areas.Once you surpass your datos limit, speeds room cut espalda to 2G.Not as numerous perks as T-Mobile.


The best campo service


Why you must buy this: Verizon offers the best coverage in campo areas across los U.S. Y its unlimited destinado a is un decent deal.

Read more about Verizon’s plans here

Who it’s for: anyone who resides in rural américa where Sprint and T-Mobile simply don’t work.

How much it will certainly cost:

PeopleLine cost4G LTE dataTotal
1$25$30 w/5GB

$40 w/10GB

$45 w/Unlimited




2$25 x 2$30 w/5GB

$40 w/10GB

$70 w/Unlimited




3$25 x 3$30 w/5GB

$40 w/10GB

$60 w/Unlimited




4$25 x 4$30 w/5GB

$40 w/10GB

$40 w/Unlimited




5$25 x 5$30 w/5GB

$40 w/10GB

$25 w/Unlimited




Prices encompass $10/month to save per line when you authorize up because that paper-free billing y Auto Pay.

Why we picked Verizon:

Verizon offers the best service in campo areas across ns country. If girlfriend live in los boonies where T-Mobile and Sprint nothing reach, Verizon is your ideal bet for trustworthy coverage.

Verizon offers fixed data plans, as well as an unlimited option.

The Unlimited destinadas is ns recent addition, and it starts in ~ $70 a month for un single línea or $140 for ns family the four, y includes all-you-can-eat data, texting, y calling. Two caveats come note, though: Subscribers who use more than veintidos GB on a gestión might be subject to throttled speeds, and Verizon boundaries high-speed 4G LTE tethering to 600 Kbps. Verizon is also marketing two 5G extremista Wide Band countless plans — Get much more Unlimited for $90 per month y Do much more or juego More countless for $80 per month for ns single line with options for increase to 4 lines con perks like HD streaming, generous countless 4G LTE mobile hotspot, Verizon up rewards, y Apple Music. If friend use un 5G phone, ns advanced plan offer ns company’s 5G ultra-wideband data, endless 4K HD streaming, y unlimited 5G extremadamente wideband hotspot. Every prices reflect los $5 período month auto-payment discount.

If friend don’t need unlimited data, Verizon provides capped to plan in dos sizes: 5GB and 10GB. Every additional línea costs $25, y data package prices comienzo at $55 ns month. All capped plan come con unlimited talk y text.

None the Verizon’s plans need you to sign uno contract, y you have to pay ns full, unsubsidized price because that each móvil inteligentes on both Verizon’s capped y unlimited plans. You will do it pay for each machine in installments (typically $20 to $30 un month per phone), or friend can lug your own phone instead of to buy a nuevo one.

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Verizon does not offer internacional service beyond Canada and Mexico choose T-Mobile and Sprint, and though it doesn’t fee for datos overages, exceeding her monthly datos limit knocks her speed down to 2G. Yet you will get reliable service in all parts of los country.

The perks of Verizon plans:

Strong coverage in both rural y urban areas.Up to 15GB that mobile-hotspot data on advanced unlimited plans.Decent prices because that individuals.Big call selection.

The flaw of Verizon’s plans:

Generally greater prices across ns board.Various throttling caps on limitless plans.International coverage beyond Canada and Mexico costs adicional money.Verizon runs on CDMA networks, so buying unlocked phones is tricky.

Mobile re-publishing Plus, Unlimited &More, y Unlimited &MorePremium

The best AT&T plans

Why you need to buy this: AT&T uses reliable coverage across the U.S. And a solid phone selection.

Read an ext about AT&T’s plan here

Who it’s for: anyone who lives in campo America, whereby Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon simply don’t work.

How much it will certainly cost: cost reflects auto pay y paperless billing.

PeopleUnlimited StarterTotalUnlimited ExtraTotalUnlimited EliteTotal
2$60 + $60$120$65 + $65$130$75 + $75$150
3$45 + $45 + $45$135$50 + $50 + $50$150$60 + $60 + $60$180
4$35 + $35 + $35 + $35$140$40 + $40 + $40 + $40$160$50 + $50 + $50 + $50$200

PeopleAT&T Mobile re-publishing Plus3GBTotalAT&T Mobile re-publishing Plus9GBTotal

Why we picked AT&T:

AT&T offers ns second most reliable coverage across the U.S., however its to plan are los priciest. If you live in one area where Verizon, T-Mobile, y Sprint don’t work, at & t is likely your just option.

AT&T supplies capped datos plans dubbed Mobile Share to add at 3GB y 9GB or Unlimited&More y Unlimited&More Premium unlimited plans.

Mobile re-publishing Plus starts at $50 uno month for 3GB and includes unlimited domestic and Mexico calling and texting. Girlfriend don’t gain charged for exceeding your monthly data limit, y you can include up to 10 phones, tablets, y other gadgets to a single plan.

Unlimited Starter starts in ~ $65 a month for un single hilera up come $140 for ns family that four, however unlike T-Mobile, Sprint, y Verizon’s endless plans, it doesn’t encompass tethering — you’ll have to opt for ns premium version of the destinadas if you’re dead set on un hotspot. Vídeos are capped at standard meaning (480p), y you obtain maximum speed of 1.5Mbps. AT&T states it may temporarily slow speeds when the network is busy.

Unlimited Extra starts at $75 uno month y adds 15GB the tethering.

Unlimited Elite starts in ~ $85 a month y upgrades videos streaming to 1080p. It functions 30GB per hilera of hotspot y includes uno free subscription to HBO Max.

None of the plans needs you come sign uno contract, y you have to pay los full, unsubsidized price for each móvil inteligentes on the plan. You will do it pay because that each machine in installments (typically $20 come $30 ns month término phone), or friend can carry your own phone instead of to buy a new one.

The perks of at&t plans:

Strong coverage in both rural y urban areas.Big call selection.Free calling to Mexico

The flaw of at&t plans:

Comparatively pricey plans.No hotspot ~ above cheaper endless plan.Network slowdowns on unlimited plans after 22GBInternational coverage costs extra.

T-Mobile and Sprint

The finest plans for internacional travelers

Chris Potter/Flickr

Why you need to buy this: T-Mobile y Sprint offer the best international coverage as component of their plans.

Who it’s for: Jetsetters that travel uno lot and don’t desire to pay adicional for internacional service.

How lot it will certainly cost:

Sprint endless Basic
PeopleLine costDataTotal
2$60 + $40Unlimited$100
3$60 + $40 + $20Unlimited$120
4$70 + $50 + $20 +$20Unlimited$140
5$60 + $40 + $20 + $20 + $20Unlimited$160

 People Line cost Data Total
1 $70 Unlimited $70
2 $70 + $50 Unlimited $120
3 $70 + $50 + 0 Unlimited $120
4$70 + $50 + $0 +$20 Unlimited $140
5$70 + $50 + $0 +$20 + $20 Unlimited $160

Why we picked T-Mobile y Sprint:

T-Mobile and Sprint are ns only carriers that include internacional service in their plans. AT&T y Verizon sell international destinadas add-ons, yet they often tend to be expensive.

Verizon dues $10 a trabaja for an International travel Plan, i beg your pardon includes talk, text, y data in over ciento ochenta y cinco countries. You’ll pay $5 a día per machine for Mexico y Canada. If you want monthly international coverage in over 185 countries, prices range representar $70 come $130 término device for un capped allowance of minutes, texts, y data.

AT&T plans include talk, text, and data in Mexico at alguna extra charge, however other countries are ns different story. Ns carrier fees $10 per day for an International day Pass and $70 (2GB) or $140 per month (6GB) for an AT&T Passport. International trabaja Pass gives 24-hour coverage in an ext than cien countries, y AT&T Passport comes with 30-day coverage in gastos generales 200. Passport offers you countless texting (SMS y MMS) and charges 35 cents término minute for calls. The day Pass covers all calls y texts for ns 24-hour duration in nations covered by los plan.

In contrast, T-Mobile y Sprint offer limitless texting y data at 2G/3G speed in more than cien countries. Girlfriend can likewise place calls because that $0.25 per minute, y place as numerous texts y calls as your heart desires.

T-Mobile Magenta

The best unlimited datos plan


Why you should buy this: It’s los best unlimited plan you can buy with international service and cuales data limits.

Who it’s for: Data hogs who want it all y can gain T-Mobile coverage.

How lot it will cost:

 People Line cost Data Total
1 $70 Unlimited $70
2 $70 + $50 Unlimited $120
3 $70 + $50 + 0 Unlimited $120
4$70 + $50 + $0 +$20 Unlimited $140
5$70 + $50 + $0 +$20 + $20 Unlimited $160

Why we picked T-Mobile Magenta:

T-Mobile offers los best unlimited destinado a of all ns carriers. If you’re uno real data hog who gobbles gigabytes of apps on ns monthly basis, T-Mobile’s Magenta unlimited destinado a is los best choice for you y family. You will do it never need to pay because that extra data or argue over who supplied up the last gigabyte — T-Mobile’s Magenta unlimited destinadas imposes no limits on datos usage, so girlfriend should obtain all the high-speed datos your love desires.

It’s also a good plan for travelers. T-Mobile Magenta customers get limitless text and 2G data in much more than ciento cuarenta countries around the world. In Mexico or Canada, you even get countless calls and high-speed data, and T-Mobile will even give friend one hour the data y unlimited text massage on Gogo-enabled flights. The icing on the cake is T-Mobile Tuesdays, an app that offers free rewards every Tuesday, including movie tickets, cost-free lattes, totally free tacos, y more. T-Mobile Magenta client with dos or much more lines on their account will additionally receive a free Netflix subscription.

If girlfriend can’t gain T-Mobile, there’s always Verizon’s plan: Verizon surprised just around everyone when it reintroduced unlimited data. It’s fairly priced y offers benefits choose mobile tethering. Yet it’s not ns cheapest.

Sprint’s limitless plan: If you’re no crazy around T-Mobile’s or Verizon’s offers, you have the right to check el fin Sprint’s trio of limitless plans —Basic, Plus, and Premium. Acceleration offers plenty of of the same good features because that about ns same price. In our experience, T-Mobile has the better network and a couple of more perks that make that worth her while. However, sprint is un good option if friend can’t get T-Mobile servicio where friend live.

AT&T’s endless plan: The only other unlimited plan comes representar AT&T, y if you live in one area wherein there’s spotty coverage, AT&T will certainly be there for you, though your mileage may vary in terms of velocidad, velocidad if her network encounters heavy traffic. Prices have tendency toward los high fin for both domestic and international coverage, yet it offers un choice that cheaper capped plans as well. If you’re an international traveler, over there are much more advantageous options.

T-Mobile just Prepaid

The finest prepaid plan (from un major carrier)

Malarie Gokey/Digital Trends

Why you should buy this: T-Mobile’s prepaid plans provide you ns most bang for her buck.

Who it’s for: world on uno strict budget who want un good chunk of data y can obtain T-Mobile service.

Why us picked the T-Mobile just Prepaid Plan:

The four main carrier all have actually prepaid plans, which room traditionally ns bit cheaper than postpaid plans. Of los bunch, T-Mobile offers los most for los least amount of money. T-Mobile offers three monthly prepaid plans: 1 10GB plan, endless plan, and Unlimited add to plan. Con both, friend get limitless talk y text, alguno overages, and unlimited música streaming. Just Prepaid starts at $40 período month for a single line and offers up to 10GB of residential 4G LTE data. Ns T-Mobile countless prepaid destinadas starts in ~ $50 because that one line and features countless 4G LTE on her smartphone. Both prepaid plans have the right to accommodate 5 lines and include hotspots, though los hotspot on the starter plan is capped at 10GB while los hotspot on ns basic unlimited plan is unlimited however at 3G speeds. The highest destinado a offers all the same features con expanded hotspot speeds y data caps.

T-Mobile add-ons include international calling and texting. Because that $5 un month, friend get unlimited data, calling, y texting in Canada y Mexico. Y for $15 uno month, you get limitless texting to basically anywhere, unlimited calling to landlines in much more than 70 countries y to mobile number in more than treinta countries.

Sprint forward is alguna longer available to new customers and the sociedad plans to shut down the service in January 2020. Prepaid plans room now obtainable only through boost Mobile where you must set up in human at one of their stores. Rise Mobile supplies plans with unlimited talk y text ranging from $35 per month (6GB data) come $50 and $60 período month with unlimited talk, text, y data. Los $50 período month destinado a offers un 12GB hotspot while los $60 término month offers un 30GB hotspot. Friend can include a hilera to the $35 destinadas for a totalmente of $60 término month. Family members plans cost $100 for up to 5 lines with unlimited talk, text, y data and a 12GB hotspot with optimized streaming for gaming, music, y video.

AT&T’s prepaid plans room pretty good. You’ll pay $30 a month because that talk and text y 2GB that data; $40 uno month because that talk, text, and 8GB of high-speed data that rolfes over; or $55 or $75 per month because that talk, text, y unlimited of data — all con autopay included. Los $40, $55, y $75 tiers include unlimited talk, text, y data in Mexico and Canada.

Verizon’s prepaid destinadas is decent. It’s $40 for 5GB the data and unlimited talk and text, y $50 because that 15GB the data. Verizon also offers an limitless prepaid plan for $65 uno month. All prepaid tiers incorporate unlimited talk y text in the U.S. Y unlimited text in much more than 200 other countries.

Even though los other carriers sell pretty good options, T-Mobile’s prepaid plan are the cheapest and include perks prefer unlimited musical streaming and no overages; its prices for calls, texts, y data for Mexico and Canada are a good deal, too.

Other things to consider

How much data do friend need?

Perhaps the most essential decision you’ll have to make when choosing ns carrier destinado a is the amount of data you will need.

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To determine just how much datos you need, consider two factors: the number of people in your household plan and how much datos you think each will use. If you and your household rarely use ns Internet when you’re away representar a Wi-Fi network, you can want come buy less data. If girlfriend or your youngsters like to stream movies gastos generales your 4G network, browse ns Internet because that hours, inspect your email 95,000 times a day, and live-tweet your day, you’ll want un huge chunk that data.