Como Resetear Un Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

When us share some fixes for any type of problem the you may be facing with your smartphones, it should be at least 9/10 times that we fin the guides with,

"if none of the other tips works, factory resetting is the último resort..."

Which is why delaware sharing con you substantial list the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge tips y another overview to help you settle battery drainpipe issues, us are finally sharing with you just exactly how to factory reset Galaxy S6 or S6 edge. We hope the you don"t need to factory reset, but honestly, it"s not much of un tedious process if girlfriend constantly back-up the data on her phone.

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Don"t get me wrong, there"s the course no excitement in manufacturing facility resetting just all ns time but well, it absolutely works! from erratic Android updates causing concerns in your devices to battery concerns, manufacturing facility resetting your móvil almost constantly solves the problem.

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Important: The major reason why we don"t favor doing it is because of ns backing increase of data. Yes, factory reset take away your an equipment to its original / factory condition which means your data will be wiped off! as soon as you have actually done los Galaxy S6 backup, it"s time to continue with the Galaxy S6 manufacturing facility reset.

How to factory reset Galaxy S6 and S6 edge:

1- the easiest means to manufacturing facility reset Galaxy S6 or ns Edge is to execute it vía Settings

Go to Settings From here, go to Backup and ResetTap on Factory datos ResetRead los on-screen alerts (mainly that you have to backup) and tap Reset Device

Your Samsung Galaxy S6 will then reset and reboot with all that its datos wiped. Once up again, girlfriend can set it up utilizing your backup.

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2- manufacturing facility reset Galaxy S6 Edge y Galaxy S6 using hardware keys

Turn turn off Galaxy S6Press y hold Power, Volume Up y Home keysYou will certainly notice the Android bot on the screen taking you to Recovery. Once in recovery, use Volume keys come navigate and Power key to select / confirm optionsSelect Wipe datos / factory Reset and confirm with Power key

Your Samsung Galaxy S6 will now reset which may take a little while. You will see uno message at ns bottom of the screen once ns process is perfect successfully. As soon as you view that, highlight Reboot mechanism Now using Volume keys y select the using Power key.

Galaxy S6 or S6 leaf will now restart. Very first restart after the manufacturing facility reset takes a while so you re welcome be patient. As before, girlfriend can collection up your maker using backup to acquire all her data back on your device.

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Hope factory resetting Galaxy S6 duo aided you to solve ns issues you may be dealing with with ns smartphones.

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