Como Hacer Un Story En Instagram

Learn the basics of exactly how to use Instagram Stories, then move on to some Instagram story tips and tricks to aid you stand out from the crowd.

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More than quinientos million people use Instagram stories every day. And those Instagram users have a keen eye for new products y trends. 58% to speak they’ve become an ext interested in un product or brand delaware seeing the in Stories. And half to speak they’ve in reality visited ns website to buy a product or service delaware seeing it in Stories.

So maybe it’s alguno surprise that cuatro million enterprise advertise on story every month.

In this post, you will do it learn whatever you must know around how to usar Instagram stories for business.

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How to usar Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories space vertical, full-screen photos y videos that disappear after 24 hours. They appear at ns top of ns Instagram app, quite than in the news feed.

They incorporate interaction tools prefer stickers, polls, y Instagram story filters to do your content really pop. Here’s exactly how to get started with ns format.

How to make Instagram Stories

In los app, clic the plus icon at ns top of the screen.At los bottom of los screen, select STORY from the menu.Optional: If you desire to switch to ns selfie camera, tap los switch-camera icon on los bottom right.Tap los white circle at ns bottom of the screen to take uno picture, OR…Press y hold ns white circle to record video, OR…Swipe up (or select ns square cámara roll icon on the left) to usar pre-existing photos or videos.

On ns left of los screen, you deserve to select ns format to experiment with: Create, Boomerang, Layout, Multi-Capture, Level, or Hands-Free.

How to check your Instagram historia views

If your Insta story is tho live — definition less than veinticuatro hours have actually passed due to the fact that you posted it, simply tap los Your story icon on the app main page to see ns viewer counting for her Story. Tap the number in the bottom left come get uno list of los people who consist of those Instagram story views.

After 24 hours, as soon as your Instagram story has disappeared, you can still access insights, consisting of reach y impressions.

Reach is ns number of distinctive accounts that perceived your Story. Impressions is the totalmente number of times your story was viewed.

Here’s how:

On los app’s homepage, tap your profile photo at los bottom ideal of ns screen.Tap Insights.

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Choose ns time period you’d favor Insights for: 7, 14, or treinta days, ns previous month, or un custom timeframe.Scroll debajo to content You Shared and tap top top Stories.Choose your metric and time period.


Source: Instagram

How to usar Instagram story stickers

To add ns sticker to her Instagram Story:

Start creating your story following los steps above.Once the foto or videos is ready to go, tap the sticker icon at los top of her screen—it’s the square that’s smiling and has uno folded corner.Select the type that sticker you’d like to use. Each type has its very own properties, so experiment to see just how each one behaves as soon as you tap top top it. You can pinch and drag come relocate and resize los sticker.


Source: Instagram

How to add a hashtag to her Instagram Stories

Adding ns hashtag to her Insta historia makes it discoverable to un wider audience.

There are dos ways to add uno hashtag to your Story:

Use los hashtag sticker (tap ns sticker icon at los top of her screen—the smiling square with the folded corner).Use the regular text duty (tap los text icon—the one that says Aa) y use los # symbol.

Either way, when you empezar typing, Instagram will indicate some generalizado hashtag idea to acquire you going. Friend can include up to diez hashtags to her Stories. (In which instance we recommend shrinking castle down y hiding them behind stickers, gifs, or emojis — learn just how to carry out that representar our Instagram story hacks post.)

How to add a location to your Instagram Stories

Like hashtags, adding ns location to her Instagram story expands that potential reach beyond your monitor list.

Places and businesses might have uno location page. Users have the right to find the location web page under ns Places tab when they search, or by tapping on los location in one more user’s post. If your Story fin up there, friend could end up with ns lot more views.

And if you have un brick-and-mortar business, your ar page is whereby your happy customers deserve to showcase your experience con you, y potential customers can check you out. (In order to set up ns location web page for her business, you’ll require an Instagram organization account.)

To use un location sticker on one Instagram Story:

Tap the sticker icon at los top of her screen.Select the location sticker.Choose your wanted location from the perform (could be a store, un street, a city — acquire as broad or as specific as you like).Tap and drag to adjust ns sticker’s color y size y location so it complements her Story’s look.

How to add captions come Instagram Stories

60% that people respecto Instagram story with the sound on. The means, the course, that 40% reloj with the sound turn off. If you posting videos, captions are a great means to make her content an ext useful to the 40% the people.

Captions room also an essential way to help make content an ext accessible.

Instagram will auto-create captions because that your videolapes Stories if friend add the captions sticker.

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Start developing your Story. Ns captions sticker will certainly only appear if you use a video.Once los video is prepared to go, tap los sticker icon at the top of her screen.Tap the Captions sticker.Instagram will auto-create captions. It’s uno good idea to take ns look y see just how good uno job the tool go at recording what you in reality said. If it gained something wrong, tap ns text come edit any word.You deserve to change los caption font y color using the tools at ns top and bottom of the screen. Once you’re happy with the captions, insanity Done.You have the right to pinch and drag los caption to relocate and resize it as you would con any other sticker.