Como cancelar un pedido en forever 21

When you ar an bespeak on Forever 21, it is handle immediately. While this is expected to ensure the you obtain your stimulate quickly, it also method that you cannot cancel her order. However, you can wait for the order to be shipped y return it con these beneficial tips.

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When you ar an bespeak on Forever 21, the is processed immediately. If this is meant to ensure that you get your bespeak quickly, that also way that you cannot cancel your order.

However, you can wait for the order to be shipped and return it. All your purchases are eligible because that exchange or refund within treinta days from the shipment date. Girlfriend cannot return an bespeak if the is washed, damaged, or worn. The tags have to still it is in intact. If you great to regreso jewelry, they need to be in their original packaging. Forever veintiuno does not enable you come return come items, choose lingerie, earrings y body piercings, gift cards, and clearance items.


When you regreso your order to Forever 21, you are eligible for a refund. It need to be sent to you in two to tres weeks from the delivery date. Los credit will appear on your statement delaware one to dos billing cycles. You may have to wait much longer for internacional returns. Los average refund hora is 4 to 6 weeks representar the shipment date. Your account will be credited in dos to tres billing cycles.

Returns by Email

Create uno prepaid brand on los Returns site to begin a regreso by email. You may also clic on los option "My Orders" in her account. Find ns order girlfriend would choose to return and select it. Click "View Details" y then "Return" to complete ns process.

you may usar your stimulate number to regresar your order come Forever 21. You will uncover your order number in her confirmation email. On ns Returns page, you require to enter your billing zip code y order number. Monitor these steps to complete your return on los site.

1. Clic on los item you desire to return y choose the reason you wish to return it

2. Choose los method you desire to use to regresar the item

3. Click on ns option "Use ns prepaid shipping label"

4. Follow ns directions on the prepaid shipping label pop-up

5. Once you are sure that your regresar information is correct, select "Submit"

6. Girlfriend will obtain an email con your pack slip and prepaid shipping label

7. Print the shipping label, load your item and packing on slide in a box or its initial package

8. Ensure that ns prepaid shipping label is mostrar claramente on ns package

Returning to Store

If you desire to return your item in-store, it needs to be branded Forever 21. You must existing your confirmation email or pack slip. Friend should additionally provide the form that payment you provided to make her purchase. You may return your order at any type of Forever 21 store within the United States. Her refund will be sent out to her original technique of payment.

Unfortunately, Forever 21 does not enable you to return your internacional order to ns Forever 21 International sleeve location. You cannot return on line purchases to physical stores

If you have trouble returning her order top top Forever 21, you may seek help from the assistance team. Los best method to call Forever 21 is on los phone. When you are associated with ns support agent, explain ns issues that you space experiencing y the type of help you would like to receive. It is in polite and respectful throughout los process.

Another means to look for support representar Forever 21 is top top their help desk. It has plenty that comprehensive y issue-specific topics that may deal with your concerns. If girlfriend have any kind of problems with Forever 21, you should seek support representar the help desk first. Customer care agents on los help may straight you to an different mode that communication.

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