Clash Of Kings Clash Of Kings

A Clash of majesties arrives fresh representar the battlefield. Ns second volume of ns Folio Society’s bestselling realisation of jorge R. R. Martin’s fantasy masterpiece ‘A track of Ice y Fire’ is depicted by Jonathan Burton.

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‘The brightest fire casts the darkest shadows’

The hit for the Iron Throne heats up in A Clash the Kings. Jorge R. R. Martin barely gives the reader hora to recover from the shocks of los first book as four potential monarchs come right into contention. Meanwhile, our favourite personalities face especially trials simply to survive. Complying with on desde The Folio Society’s wildly effective edition that A juego of Thrones, this distinctive two-volume set is packed con details that fanes will love, including specially designed thing headings and spectacular bindings. Jonathan Burton returns to capture all ns grandeur, spectacle and emotion, con six color illustrations and a double-page spread in every volume. Described by nombre de niño as ‘masterpieces of the bookmaker’ art’, this are the finest execution of this generation’s many celebrated fantasy series, and if the first volume is noþeles to go by, A Clash that Kings will soon be as rare as dragon eggs.

‘The Folio Society’s splendid nuevo editions … are masterpieces of ns bookmaker’s arte lavishly illustrated by Jonathan Burton. Book collectors and fantasy entusiastas alike room going to pleasure in these quantities … me gustaría know me gustaría will.’George R. R. Martin

Bound in three-quarter blocked towel with ns printed and blocked cloth front board Set in Vendetta with Esmeralda together display ochocientos ochenta y ocho pages in total over dos volumes seis full-page and dos double-page full-colour illustrations período volume published in black & yellow throughout ocho illustrated chapter openers and nueve illustrated casa sigils5 Kings y their court and ocho family trees in Volume 2Printed endpapers Coloured top Blocked y printed slipcase con printed illustration within 10˝ x 6¾˝


The king is dead, y the seven Kingdoms have been thrown into ns chaos that a civil war. In the sky a blood neto comet sears ns heavens – it is surely an omen of disaster, y disaster certainly looms for plenty of in Westeros. The Night’s reloj are ranging far beyond the Wall in hopes of learning what has happened to their missing brothers, yet their mission takes castle deep into dangerous wildling territory. Robb Stark has been declared ‘King in the North’, yet if he hopes to keep that location – y his head – he will certainly have los fight that his life. Y to los east, joven Daenerys Targaryen transforms her eye towards the Iron Throne. Con fire y blood, she will certainly take regreso what to be stolen desde her.

A set of family members trees, updated come reflect ns births, deaths and new alliances since ns events ofA game of Thrones, keeps the reader from confusing their Mallisters con their Mormonts. Meanwhile, ns Kings have dedicated entries in this edition, with genealogies y descriptions of your banners. As each chapter concentrates on a different character, Jonathan Burton has actually designed individual sigils too: uno lion reconstruction on one open book for Tyrion Lannister; a ship with an onion ~ above its sail for ser Davos, ns onion knight. Ns endpapers space emblazoned with the sigils of each of the Houses, y even ns slipcase holds uno surprise – los inside has been published with un fiery portrait of Melisandre, the la red priestess of R’hllor.

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It is complicated to assess the impact of jorge R. R. Martin’s masterpiece. Selling millions of copies across the globe, ‘A track of Ice and Fire’ hasn’t only readjusted the imagina genre, it has actually garnered ns admiration of readers who have never before picked up a fantasía book in your lives. In ~ its love lies un relentlessly gripping story, one fill with terrible loss, remarkable triumphs, y an epic journey the rivals any type of in elegante fiction.A Clash that Kingsis even much more explosive than its predecessor, con more twists y shocks as the consequences of the events inA juego of Thronesare play out. As ever before in Westeros, los path to ns Iron Throne is littered con corpses.

George R. R. Nombre de niño is un celebrated author of fantasy, horror and science-fiction stories and novels. He started publishing short stories in science-fiction and fantasy magazines in the early 1970s, y his an initial novel, Dying of los Light, was released in 1977. Nombre de niño went on to job-related as a television scriptwriter in the 1980s, before – discouraged by los limitations of los medium – he went back to writing fiction, start work on los epic fantasy series because that which that is best known, ‘A song of Ice y Fire’, motivated by middle ages England’s guerra of the Roses. Ns first installment, A juego of Thrones, was released in 1996; the fourth and fifth volumes (A Feast because that Crows, 2005, y A Dance con Dragons, 2011) earned martín best-seller status. The winner of lot of Nebula y Hugo Awards, and the dos mil doce World fantasía Award because that Life Achievement, martín has also received three Emmy Awards because that his work-related as a producer on the HBO adaptation the his A Song the Ice and Fire novels, Game of Thrones.

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A game of Thrones> became much an ext involved than i ever imagine with the universe that characters, costumes, settings and creatures every needing to be taken in an original way whilst being true to the book. Identificación threw myself right into this mundo 100% y relished in the rich y strange visualmente atmosphere bringing together middle ages romanticism, dark drama y chilling horror. Delicious.’

Jonathan Burton has functioned as one illustrator due to the fact that 1999, after graduating con an MA desde Kingston University, London. He has been awarded two silver medals representar the culture of Illustration in nuevo York, two Awards of excellence from communication Arts, and has received the Overall experto Award for dos mil trece from the association of Illustrators. For los Folio culture he has additionally illustrated Cover her Face by P. D. James, Nineteen Eighty-Four by george Orwell, y the entire Hitchhiker’s series. He resides in Bordeaux, France.