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Our eyes often tend to suffer desde our bright electronic display screens and, thankfully, numerous devices y websites enable for dark mode. Not only does it look cool, but it cuts down on los amount of bright, white light shining in ~ you!

Google chrome is alguna different, however, that is trickier to find the correct setting to make things simpler on your eyes. This overview explains two ways to attain dark setting in your Google chrome browser.

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Please keep in mind that this feature is not easily accessible to everyone and can impact your browser’s performance. Permit this flag only if you’re comfortable law so.

Enable ns dark mode flag

Type in chrome://flags into los search bar y hit “enter.”

Search for “dark mode."

Click the drop-down menu next to "force dark mode for web contents" y select “enabled.”

Make certain you don’t have any type of unsaved work prior to hitting “relaunch” to apply changes.


This is los easiest way to turn on dark setting for your entirety Google chrome browser.

Click the "add come Chrome" button

A popup will show on los screen. Click “add extension”.

The symbol for the extension will donar at ns top-right edge of the browser. Make certain it’s pinned to the google chrome toolbar.

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Toggle between dark y light mode by clicking the extension’s icon.

With los Dark layout for chrome extension, girlfriend can also save page or site exclusions and change ns theme colors!

Being able to develop tab teams in Google chrome is great, yet being able to save them for the próximo time you open chrome is also better.

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Google chrome is a generalizado web internet browser created through Google. As of October 2020, google chrome accounts because that 66.34% of web browser usage globally.

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