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So, there were some errors in our marketing materials roughly Android O upgrades for motocicleta G4 Plus. This to be an oversight on our part y we apologize for this miscommunication. That our general practice for the motocicleta G family members to get one major OS upgrade período device, but it’s necessary to us we store our promises, therefore in addition to los N update it has currently received, we will be upgrading moto G4 Plus come Android O. Because this is an unplanned upgrade, it will certainly take some hora to to the right it right into our update schedule. Watch our software application upgrade page for more information.


- Matt

Please carry out not pm me —apoyándose if you have issues, search the because that threads on her topic and post there, or empezar a new thread. Thanks!

I M USING moto G4 PLUS here IN INDIA, identificación WANT TO know THAT when ANDROI OREO WILL pertained to MY PHONE? will IT obtain OR NOT? ANDROID currently RELEASED ANDROID 8.0 , for this reason EVERY moto USERS desire TO KNOW about THIER PHONE update TIMING, please TELL US fast , WHICH an equipment WILL GET and WHICH will certainly NOT GET


I M USING moto G4 PLUS here IN INDIA, me gustaría WANT TO recognize THAT once ANDROI OREO WILL involved MY PHONE? will certainly IT acquire OR NOT? ANDROID currently RELEASED ANDROID 8.0 , so EVERY motocicleta USERS desire TO KNOW around THIER PHONE upgrade TIMING, you re welcome TELL US fast , WHICH maker WILL GET y WHICH will NOT GET

Combining short articles for one Android Oreo thread.

BTW, you might want to solve your tapa lock an essential as it is grounding on.

And as stated before, this is uno user to user forum. Alguna one here has information on as soon as or i m sorry phones will obtain Oreo.

Could you you re welcome kindly define this new user that ALL tapa means Yelling and it is no polite to execute so in instead of mocking that los key is stuck? Your mocking is as lot as type as utilizing Caps.

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Nice! Finally uno thread replacement to los Nougat complain.


Eduardo. Android O will not do you happier, y searching for los answer in this forum will make girlfriend sad.


No, Motorola no tiene la a fecha identificar para Android O en el G4 a pesar que en algunas páginas web mencionan los va a recibir el update. Dejate sorprender, todavía si lees por ns foro vas a ver que denominada inutil remar contra la corriente acá y que alguna obtendrás no al respecto. Acabó aquellos ese se atreven instalan la a ROM alternativa, anulando la garantía.



Will the moto g4 plus obtain updated come oreo?If no there will be un chaos together during los mobile"s promo they clearly mentioned the device will be updated come Android O(India,they had 9-10 front/back web page adds which clearly mentioned that)


I think moto g4 to add won"t get updated come Android 8.0 Oreo, Since motocicleta G5 y G5 add to is there already. Motocicleta G4 plus is top top Android 6.0(Marshmallow) once it"s fuera of the box -> updated come Android 7.0-> It"ll definitely get updated come 7.1.1(Hope so). Motocicleta G5/G5 add to is on Android 7.0 as soon as it"s out of los box->followed through Android 7.1.1-> complied with by Android 8.0.

It"s my guess. Even identificación too don"t know what"s exactly their destinado a for software application upgrade. If this maker gets updated come Android 8.0. Then i too will be happy. 

Well... Around an hour back Motorola announced los eligible devices for Android 8.0 Oreo, y the surprised is, moto G4/ G4 plus is no eligible... Currently why it"s uno matter the discussion, due to the fact that Motorola us promised Android N (we obtained it) y O prior to they were even announced, y now alguno update, why?






No opportunity to gain oreo. See los official news

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