Actualizacion r link 2 android auto

I just got Megane 8/2016 HB. Me gustaría checked mine R-Link 2 version and I witnessed that over there is version installed. I went and copied R-Link dos info on USB y when me gustaría looked it up in R-Link toolbox it found new update ... Variation and some various other stuff. Currently I'm confused con this stuff... Does this typical that if I destello this update that was discovered on toolbox; will it downgrade my R-Link 2 or how does the work? i assume that variation 7..... Is more recent than version 2.... Or am i wrong?

Additional question: I've tryed to attach my phone vía Bluetooth and it works simply fine; but identificación wanted to shot Android Auto y connection vía cable but it seems this does not work. Any kind of suuggestions?

Also how do me gustaría get internet link on my R-Link 2.

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I know that I'm asking ns lot of questions bt identificación couldn't find answers everywhere else unfotunatelly.

Thank you every for the support !

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Leave top top V7.

Go ~ above YouTube and search rlink 2 developer mode. Friend want the one that gives instructions on how to setup los usb for gaining into developer mode.

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Once in permit AA.

What i also excellent was after that reformatted ns usb stick, rebooted ns r-link2 by power button for diez seconds, when it came regreso on identificación plugged in usb for los config to it is in written.

I climate went espalda to pc app y downloaded any updates it claimed available, climate went espalda to car and installed. Rebooted los rlink again and I now have actually working AA.

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I went from V2 come V3 climate V7 software however V7 was mounted by ns garage when automóvil was in for recurring rlink issues.

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